How to Rank YouTube Videos In Google Search

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If you want more people to see your YouTube videos, you should follow all of the video SEO guidelines. As a starting point, here are some of the most significant YouTube video search engine optimization methods that you can use.

  • Optimize The Video Meta
  • Create Eye-Catching Subtitles
  • Create Exciting Video Thumbnails
  • Links and Social Shares
  1. Optimize The Video Meta

Optimising meta tags is the first step in optimizing a movie. Metadata gives search engine spiders a better understanding of your target keyword’s intent. A video’s title, description, and caption are all important criteria in its rating.

  • Video Title: In order to score well in Google and YouTube video searches, it’s common knowledge that video names on YouTube should contain relevant keywords. The fundamental goal of a video’s title is to pique the interest of the reader and entice him or her to click through to the video. The title of the video may suffer if it is over-optimized.
  • Meta Description: The video description box on YouTube has more character room than the meta description box on a website. A video description can contain no more than 5000 characters. That way, you may provide more details about the movie for viewers and search engines alike(s). There’s plenty of area to include any kind of video-related editorial content you’d want. After three lines, the description will be truncated, so provide the most crucial details at the beginning.
  • Incorporate Meta Tags: The tags on YouTube are another important consideration. In the same way as the video’s Meta description does, tags give viewers more context for the video. Tags on YouTube videos can be up to 500 characters in length. Finding the best tags for your movies can be done using several recommendation-based strategies.
  1. Create Eye-Catching Subtitles

Use YouTube’s automatic subtitle generator to create eye-catching titles for your videos. Manually writing subtitles, on the other hand, is always preferable. Particularly while dealing with complex or technological issues. YouTube allows you to post subtitles in a variety of languages. Subtitles can be managed in YouTube Studio by going to the subtitles option.

  1. Create Exciting Video Thumbnails

Video thumbnails are as critical as any of the other things we’ve examined thus far. In Google search results, they encourage visitors to click on the video link.

Consequently, thumbnails should be created with care. YouTube allows you to create a personalized thumbnail by selecting a frame from a video instead of relying on the pre-made thumbnails. Thumbnails for high-quality videos have vibrant colors and excellent contrast, as well as text and face overlays.

Analyze a variety of thumbnails to see which one resonates most strongly with the intended audience. Using YouTube analytics, you may find out which videos get the most views.

  1. Links and Social Shares

So far, we’ve only discussed the aspects of the video that we can improve. As a result, it is also important to evaluate the video’s off-page SEO aspects, such as the page where the video is embedded or the landing page on your website.

For this page, make every effort to build up its authority. Build links to your website or video in a natural and authoritative way. To boost the amount of shares and backlinks to your article, you should engage in advertising efforts.

Link building for YouTube videos isn’t all that different from link building for websites, of course. With outreach efforts, you may find influencers and create shareable content for specific audiences. Traffic will increase as your audience’s ability to search and view content increases.