Key Video Content KPIS to Measure in Video Marketing Campaigns

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Measurement units for marketing campaigns are known as KPIs, or key performance indicators. For every marketing strategy, there is a key performance indicator (KPI). This is critical since it helps assess if the approach is on track or if revisions are needed. Campaigns of all sizes and budgets need to be evaluated, tracked, and tweaked to maximize their effectiveness. For a video marketing campaign to be a success, the following key performance indicators need to be tracked and monitored:

  • Engagement
  • Social Shares
  • View Count
  • Video Play Rate
  • Conversions
  1. Engagement

For video marketing efforts, engagement is an additional important metric. Almost all social media platforms are measured in this unit. The comments and likes that are created by video material are known as engagement. The number of people who actually do something after seeing your video is represented by this metric. Focusing on involvement, though, is essential. In addition to boosting engagement, comments on videos allow you to collect customer feedback that can be used to improve your next campaign.

  1. Social Shares

The vast majority of marketers rely on social media to spread their films like wildfire. To increase your video’s visibility, brand exposure, and generate new business opportunities, share your video content on social media. If you want your film to become viral on social media, make sure it’s easy to share.

As a result, your movie needs to be convincing, arresting, and extremely entertaining. If you don’t make an impression with your marketing efforts, you’re doomed. Keep up a steady stream of entertaining and educational video content.

  1. View Count

The view count of a video reflects the total number of people who have watched it. Here you may see how many persons have seen your video as a whole. Despite this, it’s critical to understand that these metrics are calculated in different ways on different systems.

Although view counts are an important metric, if viewers don’t take action, they won’t have an impact on your revenue. Make the opening three to thirty seconds of your video highly engaging in order to urge users to take action.

  1. Video Play Rate

A high play rate on your website’s landing pages will change the game. The number of people that clicked on the play button to begin watching your video is counted here. While auto-play videos appear when a video is being scrolled, the KPI does not. Video play rates can be calculated by dividing the number of “play” button clicks by the total number of visitors to a video-hosting website. To entice viewers to watch the video, create an eye-catching thumbnail and run A/B tests to see where it should appear on the landing page.

  1. Conversions

To round up your list of critical performance indicators, here’s one more: customer satisfaction scores. It is important to know how effective a video commercial was in persuading viewers to become potential leads. A video ad’s conversion rate can be easily measured.

However, it is tough to measure organic video content’s conversions. Tracking is a useful tool for marketers in these situations since it allows them to see where their clicks and sales are coming from.