Things to Watch Out for before Choosing the Sales Intelligence Tool for your Company

Sales Intelligence is a set of technologies that help sales and marketing find, collect, analyze, and evaluate data on potential customers. It also helps you generate leads and provides current information about your potential customers. Sales Intelligence does this by using information already published online — on websites, social media, etc. These technologies are widely used in B2B, where they can save hours of research time.

Sales Intelligence is like a selling energy drink. It gives you an edge over your competition, especially in B2B.

Why Sales Intelligence Tool?

Here are some areas where Sales Intelligence tools can help you:

  • Lead scoring:

It is easy to score leads based on the ICP of rep selected metrics because Sales Intelligence tools provide complete information about clients/prospects, allowing reps to go after the most important accounts first and increase chances of closing.

  • List builders and deep filters:

List builders and deep filters help you narrow down a large list of data to the most relevant targets.

  • Alerts:

One of the most useful features of intelligence tools is the ability to snag users early on in their purchasing journey. If a user discontinues using a tool, the salesperson is notified. Set alerts for buyer actions, major events, and market trends to ensure sales staff are ready to capitalize on new developments.

  • Data cleansing:

Data cleansing includes finding and fixing errors in data, normalizing it, de-duping it, and keeping it current.

Things to Watch Out for before Choosing the Sales Intelligence Tool for your Company

Want to close more sales? How much data does the Sales Intelligence tool have to help sales? It’s critical to know what features to look for. So, what data or features should you look for when buying? Along with the decision-makers’ contact information, your Sales Intelligence tool must include:

  • Technographic data: Technographic data contains technologies used by target accounts/companies.
  • Direct Work Mobile Dials: Work mobile numbers directly impact the time it takes to find and reach decision-makers. They help you directly reach the decision-maker, especially when the deal is close.
  • Firmographic data: Firmographic data helps you categorize accounts (companies) that are suitable for you.
  • Data Enrichment: Data enrichment is the process of combining raw data from internal and external sources. Your data is now complete and accurate.
  • Buyer Intent Data: By analyzing the content they consume, Buyer Intent Data helps you identify prospects who are actively considering purchasing.