Seven Instagram Marketing Tips

Did you know that Instagram has approximately one billion monthly active users? 81 percent of those one billion users use the platform to conduct brand research. Additionally, 58% report being more interested in a brand as a result of seeing it on Instagram Stories. Continue reading if you want to optimize your Instagram marketing strategy.

Instagram marketing is critical for businesses. The platform enables brands to increase their visibility and engagement with their followers.

Instagram Marketing Tips:

It’s time to revamp your Instagram strategy.

  • Keep up with New Trends
  • Run Instagram contests
  • Create an Eye-Catching Brand
  • Make use of Instagram Stories
  • Partnering with Influencers
  • Switch to a Business Profile
  • Use Instagram content
  1. Keep up with New Trends

New trends emerge, and it’s critical to keep up to keep your content relevant. Read up on industry news and prepare to pivot.

  1. Run Instagram contests

Instagram contests are a great Instagram marketing strategy. Contests allow you to engage followers beyond a simple like.

Instagram contests can also increase your company’s followers by 70%. A 64x comment and 3.5x like increase. Contests help you gain exposure and audience followers.

  1. Create an Eye-Catching Brand

This photo-based app requires a visually appealing profile. Creating a visually appealing brand can include:

  • Finding a theme
  • Palette selection
  • Similar image sizes
  • Consistently filter
  1. Make use of Instagram Stories

Although these posts are only valid for 24 hours, you can save and reuse them. Instagram stories are less time-sensitive than standard posts. The alleviated pressure comes from the fact that stories are not required to conform to your aesthetic.

Additionally, Instagram stories can humanize your brand. Humanizing your brand encourages users to follow and interact with you.

  1. Partnering with Influencers

According to CivicScience, 81% of users buy products because of Influencers. Find influencers who support your business.

Influencers benefit your brand by increasing engagement and introducing you to new audiences.

  1. Switch to a Business Profile

This is the first step if your account is not a business profile. Instagram for Business allows followers to message you directly. This ability reduces drop-offs.

Instagram’s free marketing tools are available to business profiles.

Instagram business profiles provide insights like engagement, impressions, and follower demographics.

  1. Use Instagram repurposing content

Repurposing content for Instagram is also effective.

It allows you to grow your Instagram account. Repurposing a tweet into an Instagram caption is one example. Repurposing also allows for increased website traffic, ROI, and search rankings.