Email Marketing Deliverability Benchmarks

It is all very well and good if you are having a long list of statistics detailing your email marketing performance. But if you have got nothing that you can compare them to, how do you know how well you are doing?

That is where the email marketing deliverability benchmarks now come in. Each and every year the Campaign Monitor releases a mass of data. So that each of the industry can judge by themselves how well they are performing compared to the others in their field. And by comparison to other sectors.

The Average email benchmarks for all industries

Let’s see an example of these Average benchmarks for all industries in 2018
1. Average open rate: 17.8% (17.92% in 2018)
2. Average click-through rate: 2.6% (2.69% in 2018)
3. Average click-to-open rate: 14.3% (14.1% in 2018)
4. Average unsubscribe rate: 0.1% (0.17% in 2018)
5. Average bounce rate: 0.7% (1.06% in 2018)

Why are these figures so important?

These are the figures that is dictating how well your email marketing efforts are performing out there compare to other businesses in your industry.

The statistics should raise an awareness into the areas where you are performing well. And also it will still raise awareness in those areas that are required for improvement.

The Industry-specific benchmarks are said to be critical because the operation of the email as a marketing tool differs throughout all of the sectors. For example, the Retail will have a completely different and distinct set of data. To that of Government or that of the Healthcare. Because they are completely different entities, after all.

Comparing your email responses to that of the businesses that are in direct competition with you. It will offer far more insight than for you to be comparing yourself to an across-the-board average.

The face of email marketing is changing

The presentation of our email delivery has really transformed dramatically. Over the past few years and it stands to keep evolving as technology continues to take the significant strides forward.

What we are seeing now in our inbox has become more exciting and more engaging. With dynamic images, with interactive content and deeper levels of personalization. The more advanced the presentation becomes, gives us the higher opportunity for our chances of engaging with our subscribers and for longer time.

What are the essential email benchmarks to monitor?

There are five main benchmarks that marketers will have to consider before digging deeper into the numbers. These benchmarks are used to determine the engagement and application.

There are still plenty of other informative benchmarks when you are delving into the expected and actual results of an email campaign, and when you are measuring them against your previous efforts.

Each of this benchmark is a significant measure of the work that you have carried out. Without applying the benchmarks within your own testing, and then pitching them against the figures throughout your industry, you can not see where you could, or where you should, be performing better, and how you can make necessary changes.

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