Global eCommerce Marketing Trends

According to Shopify Global eCommerce Statistics, global eCommerce crosses geopolitical boundaries, allowing businesses to reach a global audience. In 2021, the market could reach $4.89 trillion (eMarketer).

1. Among those aged 18 to 34, 68 percent said they spent more online during this period, and 9 percent were new to eCommerce (Shopify)

The biggest market potential is still the web-savvy millennials. According to Shopify statistics 2021, younger generations are spending more money online and may even be pushing to start their own Shopify store.

2. 83 percent of buyers made at least one online purchase during the COVID-19 pandemic’s first three months (Shopify)

Digitalization has made eCommerce the first choice for essential goods, lifestyle products, and even luxury items.

3. The average Shopify user browses online stores for 3:19 (Avada)

This is your chance to persuade a potential customer of the value of your offerings. To make those three minutes count, you need to evaluate how you use Shopify services like curated templates, targeted SEO, and strategic marketing tools.

4. Mobile traffic accounts for 79% of total traffic and 69% of orders (Popupsmart)

According to Acquire Convert, mobile eCommerce will grow at a staggering 25.5 percent compound annual rate until 2024. Businesses can create a thumb-stopping online presence and generate valuable Shopify mobile traffic stats.

5. Shopify’s conversion rate is 1.75 percent (Avada)

This benchmark may be more accurate than Shopify’s published average conversion rates. But conversion rates vary by business and industry. With the help of enhanced eCommerce tracking, the best-performing Shopify store Littledata has seen hit an 8% conversion rate.

6. In 2021, there are 2,297 million active Shopify websites in 175 countries (Popupsmart)

Shopify statistics show that the platform is a leader in assisting businesses with eCommerce. To make matters even easier, Shopify has partnered with a local agency that can help explain how Shopify works in different countries.

7. Shop Pay checkouts convert 1.72X more orders than regular checkouts (Shopify)

Shopify’s accelerated payment method, Shop Pay, is the internet’s best-converting checkout experience. According to Shopify 2021 data, this rate can be up to 1.91X higher for mobile users. Shop Pay increases conversions by removing all possible obstacles to the final checkout decision. Some of the most successful Shopify businesses have highly engaged Shopify traffic and excellent conversion rates.

8. The top three industries on Shopify Plus are retail (17%), apparel and fashion (11%), and software (6%) (Enlyft)

Shopify stats 2021 show that consumers are increasingly buying goods online due to limited access to physical stores in 2020. While it’s hard to believe shoppers no longer need to try on clothes in-store, apparel and fashion is Shopify Plus’ second largest industry. Unsurprisingly, computer software ranks third, as it is required to boost digital productivity, especially for businesses that operate from home.

9. The number of first-time buyers has risen by 45% (Forbes)

Many Shopify statistics 2021 lists include the number of customers who bought something from a new merchant. This means customers can discover new stores easily. With Shopify marketing, it’s easy to convert a first-time buyer into a loyal customer.

10. Push notifications 88% app engagement (Shopify)

According to Shopify data, disengaged users return to an app after receiving push notifications. It’s a simple way to remind and care for your customers (when sent to Shopify users at the right time, that is.)

11. Shopify Stores Get Repeat Business in Over 50% (Sleeknote)

According to Shopify data, more than half of customers who buy from Shopify stores make another purchase. The average shopper returns to the same store 3.8 times. They have strategies for both discoverability and brand loyalty.

12. 13% of Shopify Plus stores provide an email address and 25% provide a phone number (Storeleads)

About 80% of Shopify Plus stores have an email address and 62% have a phone number. Having a dedicated business email and phone number on your website is like having a “Open” store sign in person. In order to be a successful Shopify business, your customers need to reach you easily and quickly.

13. In July 2021, Shopify store traffic from outside the US exceeded 27%. (eMarketer)

Shopify Markets helps merchants better adapt their storefronts for international transactions, which drives sales. The United States continues to influence global eCommerce for Shopify users.

14. TikTok Shopping is the next big thing, with 76 percent increase in installation from February 2020 to February 2021 (Shopify)

Web video app TikTok and Shopify have teamed up to bring you TikTok Shopping, the long-awaited in-app social commerce experience. How does Shopify work in the video-sharing space and within social communities?