Why Build An Ecommerce Site?

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To create an eCommerce website with Wix, businesses must follow the steps listed below.

Join Wix And Pick A Plan

First, eCommerce businesses must register on Wix. The sign-up process is quick and easy, taking less than a minute. To proceed, simply enter your email address and password. When you sign up for Wix, it’s free. But the free package lacks eCommerce features.

To get a Wix premium subscription, select “Business & Ecommerce” from the drop-down menu. Choose a plan that fits your website and business. Small businesses with few items can use the Basic Business or Business Unlimited subscriptions.

Larger websites should consider the Business VIP or Enterprise plans. Wix offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. You can always opt-out or switch plans within two weeks if you’re not satisfied.

Choose Your Website Creation Method

After signing up, there are two ways to create your site. Continue using Wix ADI or Wix Editor. Wix ADI is their AI website builder. You’ll be asked questions about your eCommerce site, and the Wix ADI will create it using artificial intelligence.

To use the Wix Editor, you must start with a template and customize it using the drop and drag and design features. It is entirely up to you how you want to build your site. Even if you use the ADI to build your site, you can edit it later in the editor.

The ADI option is the quickest and easiest. It handles all the technical details, including setting up your pages and menus, so you don’t have to.

ADI Wizard Answers

The first question asked when creating an eCommerce website on Wix is “What do you need on your new website?” Various suggested features and extra options are available for your online store, depending on your needs.

Select the option that best suits your company before clicking ‘next’. Next, name your online store. You can import images and text from an existing website.

Your Theme

Pick a color and font combination that suits your brand (Wix calls this a theme). This helps the ADI tool understand your desired style. Choosing a theme you like makes it easier to consider the products you want to sell and the design your target audience prefers.

It is best not to overthink the theme you want to choose. Just pick one theme and continue building your eCommerce site. You can change the theme whenever you want.

Choose Your Favorite Home Page

Choosing a theme is the first step in building an e-commerce website on Wix. The homepage is the first page customers see when visiting your site, so it should be appealing to your brand and easy to use.

Colors, pictures, and fonts can all be changed later, so focus on layout and usability when choosing a page design.

Adding Pages

Adding pages to your site is vital to growing your eCommerce business.

Customization of Your Online Store

After adding pages to your site, you’ll need to customize your eCommerce store. One of the advantages of using Wix to build an eCommerce store is the ability to easily customize as your eCommerce business grows and you learn more about your customers.

With a few mouse clicks, you can change almost everything you see. Don’t let all the options overwhelm you and distract you from what matters for your eCommerce website. To change a section of your store, simply click on it. A new menu will appear with parameters specific to your project.

If you click the header, a menu appears on the left. This menu allows you to customize your site’s header. It also allows you to add a logo, tagline, site email, phone number, and social media links.

Addition of Products Online

To add products to your store, you must remain in the customizing view. Your eCommerce site should have a “dummy” or placeholder product section. By clicking on the placeholder products, you can quickly replace them with the real products you want to sell in your store.

Depending on the design, the placeholders are located in various locations. Regardless of general style, a product area should be present on the website. Drag the mouse over the product to reveal a menu overlay. This overlay has a “manage” tab. Click Manage to add products to your eCommerce store.

Add a product via “Store Products”. Locate the “+ New Product” button in the top right of your screen. When finished, click “save” to save the product. This adds the products to your store for customers to see.

Customization of Your Shopping Cart

Any eCommerce store needs a virtual shopping cart. Customers can see all of their purchases at a glance, just like in a store. If you used ADI, Wix will create a shopping cart. This helps you get your business up and running quickly by providing a starting point for your cart design.

Customize your shopping cart features by selecting “Page Home” in the page editor’s top left. A “Manage Pages” page appears. Click on “cart” when you reach it. You can now customize your shopping cart page for your customers.

Setting Up of Shipping and Payment Methods

Check your eCommerce site’s shipping and payment options. For shipping, you must decide whether to accept international payment methods, which means shipping items to other countries.

Go to your dashboard and select setup shipping regions. After choosing to set up shipping regions, you can customize shipping options for both domestic and international orders. You can offer free shipping or charge postage based on weight, fixed cost, or real-time USPS calculations.

After configuring shipping, you must update your payment gateway settings. Click “Accept Online Payments” on the dashboard to customize payment processing options. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, or other methods.

If your store accepts credit cards, Wix protects both the customer and the seller from credit card fraud. Wix also accepts all major credit cards for eCommerce.