The Top 10 Most Haunting Email Marketing Myths That Continue to Haunt You!

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Almost every company uses email marketing in some way. However, email marketing is rife with myths and old wives’ tales. Here are 9 myths you may have heard of before. Some may be outdated, but others may still haunt you.

“Sending bulk emails is too costly”

This is a common objection. It’s not as expensive as you might think. And it’s just sending hundreds or thousands of ordinary mail messages. It can even be cheaper than regular mail once you get the hang of it.

It’s too difficult to email every client

The good news is that email marketing allows you to set up campaigns in your autoresponder for one-time, scheduled, or manual sending. You can use automation to send emails on a schedule and create an autoresponder sequence to send emails to people. They’ll know what’s next in the sequence and can prepare accordingly.

People just don’t care about my mail

This is a common worry. People do care, but they don’t want to read long texts. It’s easier to get them to take action if you can get them to read your message.

My offer is irrelevant

It’s understandable that people object to your offer. When hearing about a new proposal, people focus on the benefits rather than the content. Nobody cares about a product unless it can help them or makes their life easier in some way.

No one will buy anything online

Almost no one means it when they say they won’t shop online. They’re just expressing a fear of doing business with someone or something they don’t know. If it helps them achieve their goals, people will buy almost anything on the internet. Thus, how you communicate via email is critical to getting your sales message across.

My readers are too busy and uninterested to respond to a stranger’s email

This is a common myth. In reality, recipients of your email will respond to almost any message that clearly benefits them. Assume your claim has no clear advantage. In that case, you should focus on what the reader will find valuable.

My mail-in offer may sound too good to be true

People don’t trust emails with unsolicited offers, for example. However, if you present your request convincingly, they will often comply. This means that when writing an email, you must be careful to sound genuine and trustworthy.

My email list is too small to matter

This is a common concern. It’s the most common one. But let me ask you: Which list would you choose between a list of 1,000 people who are extremely eager to buy your product or service and a list of 100,000 people who are possibly eager to buy it? In email marketing, quality always wins.

People are spending more time on social media than email

People are now spending more time on social media than ever. This year alone, people spent 20% more time on social media than last year. And people still check email, even if they say they don’t. Over 95% of Internet users own an email, and 74% check their email daily.