Methods of Email Marketing that you can use to Increase your Open Rate

A low click-through rate means your campaign will be ineffective. Persuasive techniques that motivate your audience to click are an option. These are some of the most effective ways to increase the number of people who click on your links.

  • Get Clear on Your Goals
  • Use Clear Call-to-Action Links
  • Focus on the Design of Emails
  • Provide Engaging Content
  • Use a mobile-optimized email service

Get Clear on Your Goals

Your email marketing strategy is built on the foundation you lay with your email’s goal in mind. Sending emails has a specific purpose for each business. Welcome, re-engagement, abandoned cart, newsletter, new content, and discounts are just a few of the reasons why you might want to send an email. Each email is written with one of these goals in mind. It’s up to you to figure out the overarching goal of your email marketing campaign.

Use Clear Call-to-Action Links

To increase the chances of at least one email recipient clicking on a call-to-action link, marketers often include a large number of them in each email they send out. They assume that increasing the number of call-to-actions (CTAs) on a page will result in more clicks and, as a result, more sales. Distraction from your main call to action is a common side effect of using too many CTAs. Subscribers will have a hard time selecting the correct button if an email has three different call-to-actions. Using too many call-to-action buttons can deter your readers from taking action.

If you want your subscribers to take action or complete a transaction, include a single call-to-action button that sends them to your website.

Focus on the Design of Emails

Your emailer’s design should also be eye-catching, in addition to its content. It’s all about how you put together the information, photos, and links in an email marketing campaign. If you want your email to appear clean and organized, you must keep it free of unnecessary clutter. If you lack knowledge in emailer design, you should hire a professional to design your email for you.

Provide Engaging Content

The most attention is paid to an email that follows the reader’s test. Because of this, emails that have been specifically tailored to their intended recipients are more likely to be opened. When writing an email, be sure to keep the recipient’s interests in mind.

Use a mobile-optimized email service

When emails are being accessed and read on mobile devices, a non-responsive email template could prevent subscribers from clicking links. As a result, a decrease in CTR is inevitable if your email templates are incapable of giving a better user experience. Make sure that your emails can be viewed on any device before you begin your email marketing campaign.

As a result of their responsive design, responsive emails are simpler to read on both computers and mobile devices. Emails with many columns can be reduced to one column on mobile devices using responsive design.