4 Tasks That You Can Engage in To Save Your Email Marketing Campaigns

1. Talk to Your Customers

Marketing always was and will always be about the customers, there is no way this fact can be denied. There are countless ways of connecting with your customers these days, content marketing and social media being a few of them, but email is usually the major one out of all that plays on the more personal level. And there is nothing that is more dissatisfying than seeing a corporate email that is only bent on selling something to you.

When you are sending a new campaign:

1. Always salute your customers by their first name, which means that you need to find a way to get their name as well. It brings a nice and a personal touch.
2. Don’t over drag the email for long and the only you do is try and sell something at the end. You need to bring something of value to the table.
3. You need to give them a good initiative so they can continue reading the email at the top, rather than the bottom.

2. Optimize the Email Experience

The mobile experience can now make provision for just as many features and the possibilities as a full blown desktop computer, with this in mind, the mobile devices usage for business and personal needs has dramatically increased over the last few years, even months. And with that in mind, we need to be very sure we’re catering for our mobile users the same way we are to desktop users.

The mobile device is going to require a good responsive email design usually that can naturally adapt to the wants of the mobile device. The impact that responsive emails have in terms of open rates, and the conversion rates, is very huge to miss out on.

3. Test What Works

In development, programmers do carry out test for their applications to check against common errors and the performance optimization, now in email we can also use testing to test what can work best for us and our subscribers, including the titles we choose to have, the email design, and the overall email experience we provide. It is so easy to get started.

The testing you do allows you to compare and contrast different kinds of elements of your email campaigns to view how they can impact your subscribers’ reactions to them. You can develop a hypothesis about what you have calculated will occur, and then you formulate a test and find out what has really happened.

4. Email Campaign Frequency

The last task on our list right now is actually less a task, but it is more of a reminder to those people who are eager to start building their email list as quick as possible. It’s much easy to get carried away with having access to so much people at any time of your desire, and sometimes we may feel that when we send out a few emails a week it is going to increase our conversion rates significantly, this is not true at all. Before you start sending your mail you should tailor out your strategy. Either you want to be sending your mail weekly or twice a month. It is possible you can do a survey to get your subscribers view. Most times twice a month is enough to capture the attention of your customers and your to be customers.
Note: Frequent mailing is not advisable, it may bore your subscribers.


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