How YouTube Comments Can Boost Your Traffic

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A popular social media platform, YouTube allows users to search and watch videos from all over the world. You can also upload your own works to the platform for others to see. YouTube has uploads from media companies, record labels, gamers, artists, and more.

This popular website has been around since 2005 and currently uploads 60 hours of video per minute.

Second largest search engine after Google. Because YouTube is a Google product, marketing and uploading videos to it can help you rank higher on both search engines. Also, YouTube views and comments affect your video’s ranking. Some have chosen to use a service like this to increase their YouTube comments.

Doubtful about investing in a YouTube channel? Is it good for your brand or business? Uploading content to YouTube gives you access to a platform with over 800 million monthly visitors. There are endless marketing opportunities.

  • How To Get More Comments On Your Videos
  • How YouTube Comments Help Your Traffic
  • Conclusion

How To Get More Comments On Your Videos

Because YouTube is owned by Google, it has a search feature. So, before uploading a video, ask yourself, “What specific question is my content answering?” This will encourage user interaction via comments.

Many today make the mistake of focusing on production value over content value. As a result of your video not answering a specific question, an audience member may dislike it, lowering your ranking. Likes and comments help you rank on YouTube and Google when you upload videos.

Also, videos should be at least 10 minutes long. Longer videos rank higher on YouTube because they keep viewers on the site longer. User engagement increases when your content ranks well and is seen on the first page.

The first 24 hours after uploading are crucial for ranking. During these hours, promote your videos on social media and engage with viewers in the comments section.

How YouTube Comments Help Your Traffic

As previously stated, YouTube comments help you rank in two of the world’s largest search engines. Comments improve your ranking. This means that when people search for answers in your content, you are more likely to appear on Google and YouTube search results.

The cool thing about YouTube comments is that one from you equals one from everyone else. With 40 different users commenting on your content and you answering them all, you have 80 comments on your content. Comments are a strong indicator of engagement for search engines. So videos with lots of comments rank well.

Also, YouTube comments help build a community. Having a steady stream of users who engage with your content regularly and feel seen and recognized by you drives more traffic to your channel. Also, responding to others’ comments helps build long-term relationships.

Many seek outside assistance to increase user engagement. There are many websites where you can buy YouTube comments.


Utilize YouTube’s popularity to promote your work to a bigger audience. YouTube, being a Google-owned company, emphasizes material that responds to a certain inquiry or topic. When creating videos, it is critical to consider the value of the content because this contributes to user engagement. The more comments your films receive, the higher your search engine ranking will be.