5 Best CRM Automation Software in 2022

Whether you are a small business or not, you must certainly recognise the importance of great customer awareness.

As more customers report a strong personal connection to brands as a significant factor affecting business interactions, CRM (Customer relationship management) is fast becoming a major consideration by most businesses.

With Customer relationship management software you can do a lot more than monitor contacts. It allows you to start and sustain important relationships and foster greater synergy between your company and customers. These highly rated CRM services let you capture those all-important interactions. Here are 5 of the best CRM software you might consider:

Zoho CRM

Zoho is an effort CRM software. It comes with the unique feature of integrating the customer base with social media platforms. The app is a great one for personal customization too. With a new feature called Canvas, it allows you to do so to your taste. Think of it as designing your UI yourself. This is the best CRM software for scaling a business.

Sales Force Cloud

Most companies that require a lot of customization use Sales Force Cloud. It has a Flow Builder that allows you to automate your custom process. It also allows you to control who can edit and have access to your sales field. That way, you can restrict even employees from seeing sensitive information you do not want to disclose.


In this era of remote work, Britx24’s CRM is an excellent Salesforce alternative. The software has a full CRM marketing automation action. It allows you to create relevant categories like marketing, sales, and service, which in turn allows you to create segment groups that can collectively work on a specific project. It also comes with an internal chat feature that allows teammates to easily communicate while working.


Pipe drive is an easy-to-use CRM software. While it is often associated with incredible sales flexibility, Pipedrive is designed to help salespeople sell. This feature, with the help of an A.I., helps organize your sales pattern to suit a target, often one you have decided upon. It can also provide metric analysis that includes forecasting, deal duration, and conversions. This provides an excellent analysis of your sales report and can often highlight loopholes in your marketing campaigns. That way, you can begin to direct your marketing in a more productive direction.


This is perhaps the most different CRM software. But if your business traffics majorly online, Ontraport is a great pick. It also allows you to create a customized membership site. An amazing feature of Ontraport is that it can integrate almost the entire customer experience from sales processing, to post-sales follow-up and nurturing.


With CRM, customer experience is bound to increase. This new software allows you to direct your sales pattern toward a more productive direction while maintaining excellent customer interaction that sustains any productive marketing.