How Email Marketing Can Help You Grow

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All of these benefits work together to help you grow your business. And it’s not always about buying right away. These elements contribute to scalability and longevity:

  • Build trust
  • Make Contact With Leads and Customers
  • Stay Top of Mind
  • Re-engage Old Clients
  • Boost Customer Loyalty
  • New Product and Service Promotion
  • Drive Website Traffic

1. Build trust

Regularly sharing educational content builds credibility. People come to see you as an expert in your field.

This is true when you include inbound marketing elements like blogs, infographics, and video series in your emails. Bonus points if people share this content and link back to you as the source.

2. Make Contact With Leads and Customers

You can build relationships with your audience by regularly communicating with them and personalizing those communications.

A birthday discount code, a reminder for their next dental cleaning, and recommendations based on their preferences all make them feel valued.

3. Stay Top of Mind

Apple, Disney, and Amazon are household names, so people automatically think of them when they need their products or services.

However, smaller businesses must constantly remind you that you’re ready, willing, and able to help them overcome any obstacles. Consistent communication is part of this.

4. Re-engage Old Clients

Give your customers reasons to come back. Send them We Miss You! emails with a coupon code. Send them product suggestions based on their preferences. Inquire.

Ask how you can add more value or what they want to see from your company. Ask if they want to stay on your contact list. Send them abandoned cart reminders with product images and free shipping offers.

5. Boost Customer Loyalty

Consistently providing value — through educational content, discount codes, and highlighting your benefits — encourages your audience to keep buying from you.

Offer loyalty and referral programs and promote them via email to increase the likelihood of this happening.

6. New Product and Service Promotion

Every time you create, update, or add a new service, you get to announce it via automated emails.

You can include a launch date, a bulleted list of benefits, price points, and extra features. Include videos showing how to use them to make them even more useful.

7. Drive Website Traffic

Ok. This is a big if. Your emails must be interesting, scannable, valuable, personalized, and mobile-friendly to increase website traffic.

The list is long, and you must meet all of them to avoid wasting time and money. Also, if your brand’s voice allows it, be funny.