7 Instagram Story Game Ideas to Increase Your Engagement

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Instagram Stories are a fun way to share information like daily updates or upcoming product launches. You can create and consume them quickly, and they are a great way to engage your followers. Instagram Stories has over 500 million daily users and has become a vital tool for digital marketing.

Instagram Stories has endless engagement potential. Also, Instagram Stories is full of exciting features that go beyond beautiful graphics and inspirational quotes.

We previously discussed creative ways to spice up your Instagram Stories and engage your followers. This post is about Instagram Story Games. Games not only get people’s attention and increase engagement, but they also help you spread the word by tagging their friends.

Check out these Instagram Story Game Ideas to engage your audience.

  • Use “Would You Rather” to Make Ridiculous Choices
  • Experiment with Instagram AR Filters
  • Best GIF Challenges Ever
  • Pull Up the Emoji Keyboard with the Emoji Challenge
  • Educate your audience with a round of “True or False”
  • Make Product Polls to Find Out What People Like
  • Slide to the Left or Right with Emoji Sliders
  1. Use “Would You Rather” to Make Ridiculous Choices

Would You Rather is a popular Instagram Story game that can be both funny and challenging.

Would You Rather asks random questions or questions based on categories like ‘travel edition’ or ‘home décor’. Each question has two options, which players can circle or mark with an emoji or an animated IG Story sticker.

Would You Rather is a fun game that can go viral quickly. Your followers can participate by tagging their friends and family.

Instagram Story Game templates from Jess Conte (@jess) for businesses, influencers, and creators. Here is her template for a Would You Rather game.

  1. Experiment with Instagram AR Filters

Instagram has your back if you lack the creativity to create your own IG Story game templates. Instagram users can find a variety of amusing AR Filters to share with their followers.

Some AR filters turn you into a cartoon character. Try out these funky filters by creating prompts or scenarios for the revealed character.

  1. Best GIF Challenges Ever

A hilarious GIF challenge to test your followers’ GIF keyword knowledge! Anyone can participate in GIF challenges and send in wacky GIF responses. Encourage your followers to enter by sharing their entries.

GIF challenges can be themed or not. GIFs are entertaining with or without context.

A template like @glammtemplates’ work persuades your followers to express their emotions through GIFs. Just remember to keep your challenge template simple for everyone.

  1. Pull Up the Emoji Keyboard with the Emoji Challenge

This Instagram Story game helps your community gauge their mood and emotions for the day. The Emoji Challenge relies on the shared meanings of the various emojis rather than followers typing in their thoughts.

Set up a custom template asking questions like the 3 most used emojis, the mood of the day, etc. You can also add questions about your brand, like how your followers reacted to your latest launch. It’s like a GIF challenge, but with emojis.

  1. Educate your audience with a round of “True or False”

The True or False game is timeless and works well on Instagram Stories. Test your followers’ knowledge of your niche’s products and services. Explain why the fact is true or false in the next Story. This is a great time to inform and promote special offers.

Meal-kit maker Following Hello Fresh (@hellofresh) is easy with a series of true or false questions like the one below. They test the audience’s general food knowledge.

  1. Make Product Polls to Find Out What People Like

Instagram Stories polls allow businesses and creators to quickly promote new products to their followers. Compare two products and highlight their features. Customize the Poll sticker and let the customers decide which product or service they want.

Insta-swipe-ups direct followers to your product pages Swipe-ups drive traffic to your website and increase brand awareness.

When Forever 21 (@forever21) releases a new line of women’s clothing, they ask their followers to vote on their favorite item via a poll. Despite the fact that both items are pullovers with identical designs, color availability and buyer preference clearly affect sales.

  1. Slide to the Left or Right with Emoji Sliders

When words aren’t enough to express your feelings, emoji sliders can. Let your audience decide whether a piece of content meets their needs, desires, and aesthetic appeal.

Emoji sliders can be customized. Using the burger emoji to rate product designs for a burger bistro is an example.

Starbucks uses a green-colored heart emoji slider in their Stories to allow followers to rate the importance of coffee in their lives. Starbucks warms up their audience with an emoji slider before discussing their advocacy for sustainable coffee consumption.