For A Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

A winning digital marketing strategy can be one that will make or break a business. It does not matter the way or how awesome your product or service is. If you can not market it, then nobody will benefit from it. We know that right now the competition is really rife in the digital space with the new innovative companies. And also the new products that are being launched every day. And the marketers now need to stay in touch and to stay at the top of their game. To ensure that what they are sharing with their customers and with their audience are still very relevant.

The fast-paced nature of the digital channels have for a certain forced marketers to become agile enough to both staying on top of trends. And also implementing them in their own marketing strategies.


Have an Optimized Website

The startups will often cut corners with their website just to save money. Not even realizing their site needs to be fully optimized for the desktop and the mobile devices. Most of the consumer will decide whether they are going to stay or to leave a site within the first 3 seconds. Your product or your service must be very clear with the captivating images and the copy to keep them engaged. Having a general understanding of the SEO and how the SEO works (The Search Engine Watch provides you an easy-to-follow guide for you to understand the SEO). And also hiring a specialist in the Google optimization is very essential.

“When we were trying to review our analytics, we saw that about 60% of our traffic are coming from the mobile. But about 78% of revenue are coming from the desktop. This indicates that our website has not being fully mobile optimized. We had to create more call-to-action buttons. Divided our products into different category-specific collections just for easier and for quicker navigation. And included the customer reviews directly under our products. We also later discovered that our website theme was just slowing down our page. So we are going to change that,” says Broglie Box founder Julia Broglie.

Impacting Tools

If you are just currently selling or you are getting ready to launch a product or a service. The most impactful tool for you to scale your online sales is through the digital marketing. Take a look at the ads and the content that are being posted by your competitors or the companies in your industry. To see what is currently resonating with their audience and also checking what is not. As you are reviewing their content, also try and read the comments. You should note that the most valuable insight is from the consumers. If your ROI is positive when you start to run your ads, you can incrementally increase your ad spend on the best performing ad.

At first, the testing of the ads, the findings of the right agency or finding the right freelancer and discovering what is effective is just by trial and error. When you have discovered that the formula is right for your company, you’ll need to double down on that and you will be able to reap the financial rewards.

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