Growing Your Email List (Strategies)

If you have ever received a podcast invitation, you should do your best to entertain and to educate, and also invite people to subscribe to your emails. If someone that is in your industry wants you to appear on a webinar, be generous enough and give the attendees your most useful suggestions. You need to seize this opportunity to mention your great emails and the reason why people should subscribe.

You could also take it up as a notch and then host your own webinars. Whether you try to cohost them with a colleague or you invite another expert, end every webinar with a call-to-action for your opt-in form.

When your content is very helpful and entertaining, the people will want more of it. Make sure they are aware and they know where to find it.

Post on social media consistently

How are you making use of the social media to grow your email list? Many businesses would have a hard time if they are going to answer this question. For some reason, they may be seeing the email marketing and the social media as two separate things and then they’ll rarely allow them to intersect.

However, the email and the social media should work hand in hand (together) to help you reach more people. As the organic reach on the social media has declined, it is smart for you to create a strategy to get more of your followers on your list.

A simple way for you to do that is to post about your emails consistently. If you send a newsletter, you should remember to post a teaser about it a few days before it goes out. This method is especially effective when your email content is exclusive. Without you revealing too much, let people be aware that they can access it when they subscribe to your email list.

On top of all these strategies, you should not forget to place a link to your opt-in form on all your social media profiles. The Instagram, Facebook, the Twitter and the LinkedIn allow you to publish a link in your account description. Make use of that space wisely so that people can easily find their way onto your list.

Bonus tip: You have to “Double check your subscribers”

Having an average return on investment of about $42 for every $1 spent, the email marketing is a worthy investment for so many. It is easy to understand why we all are striving to grow our lists and why we should celebrate every new subscriber.

At the same time, if you are having a large email list it does not equal the email marketing success. For it to be very profitable, your list has to be really healthy. Gathering the misspelled or the risky email addresses won’t serve any purpose at all. On the contrary, the poor-quality contacts you have will hurt your deliverability and will prevent you from reaching people’s inboxes.

There are two ways for you to deal with email data decay:

1. By making use of an email verification service to validate your list in bulk. You need to scrub out the bad emails at least quarterly if your list is growing quickly.
2. Adding an Application Programming Interface (API) to your signup forms. The work of the API is to verify all of your new subscribers in real time and then rejects addresses you do not want on your list.
At times it can be tempting to hold on to every of your email address that you have gathered. However, do not be sorry when pu are removing the old, risky data. It is one of the best things you can do to ensure that your emails are making it to the inbox.

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