How to Email Undisclosed Recipients Using the iPhone Mail App

Learn how to use ensure that all recipients of an email remain anonymous to one another when using iOS 7 or later.

Create an Address Book Entry for Undisclosed Recipients

An Undisclosed Recipients contact enables you to add a group to the To field without disclosing any of the email recipients’ information. To configure it:

1. On your iPhone, open the Contacts app and tap the + button to add a new entry.

The Contacts app and the Add Contact button on an iPhone

2. Type Undisclosed in the First name text box. Enter Recipients in the Last name text box. When finished, click Done.

Entering first name and last name and saving a contact on iPhone

3. Select Edit on the contact page.

4. Click Add Email, then enter your email address. Finally, click Done to save your changes.

Adding an email to a contact on an iPhone

5. Your Undisclosed Recipients contact information is now available for use.

How to Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients in iPhone Mail

To send an email to an Undisclosed Recipient in iPhone Mail, follow these steps:

1. Launch the Mail application and then click the New Message icon.

Creating a new message in the Mail app on iPhone

2. Click the + icon next to the To text box.

3. Using the Search field, scroll down and tap the Undisclosed Recipients entry.

Adding a recipient to an email on iPhone

4. Select Cc/Bcc, From.

5. In the Bcc text box, enter the email recipients.

Entering recipients on the BCC line of an email on iPhone

6. Write the email message and then click Send. The only email address that recipients will see is the one included in the Undisclosed Recipients contact, which is your email address.