How to avoid having your IP address added to a blacklist

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Spam email is the most typical reason for a blacklisting. In the event that you or someone else is using your IP address to send unsolicited emails, you will be held responsible. To avoid getting blacklisted, don’t ever buy or rent email lists again. A change in your IP address is unavoidable while sending to subscription mailing lists.

Avoiding your IP address from being blocked

As a first step, make sure your emails have an unsubscribe link. Avoiding hazardous marketing activities is the best way to keep your IP address from being banned. To avoid this, avoid purchasing lists, ensure that your IP address is secured, and provide your contacts with valuable content.

If your IP address is on a blacklist, you can take steps to get it removed; these methods, however, differ according to the blacklist to which your IP address has been added. Contact the blacklist and follow their instructions to remove yourself from their database.

  • It is recommended that you only use the assigned IP addresses.
  • Double opt-in lists of email addresses with a verified unsubscribe URL.
  • Adding more DNS records lowers your risk of getting included on a blacklist.
  • The great majority of spam legislation forbid single opt-in.
  • Inappropriate email behavior may result in the blocking of your email address.
  • For marketing purposes, always send your emails to mailing lists.
  • An open proxy, a generic rDNS, malicious servers, or a filthy range could all lead to your IP address being revealed.
  • A spam bot or a TOR exit node could also cause it to be blacklisted.