6 Unbelievable SEO Facts You Didn’t Know

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SEO is (almost) universally acknowledged as the primary driver of any online business. Whether you do business locally or globally, you will need an online presence to maximize your marketing efforts.

SEO helps your business rank higher in the SERPs, bringing in more customers without spending extra money. However, as many may have told you, breaking the barrier to the top of the search results is not easy.

Nothing, as a marketer, can stop you from achieving your goals. This article will teach you the top SEO facts for 2022. You can get ideas to improve your business and ranking. You can use the fact sheet and blogger outreach services to increase your website’s reach.

What you need to know about SEO in 2022

  • Intent-Based Ranking
  • Prioritizing User Experience
  • Content that Matters
  • Voice Search for the Most Useful Results
  • Local Search is Vital
  • Video Content
  1. Intent-Based Ranking

Google unveiled BERT in late 2019. They wanted to solve a mystery that arises when someone searches the internet. Queries can be ambiguous at times, affecting search results.

Google uses AI to assess statements to better understand human communication. Instead of just keywords, the bots can deduce a statement’s meaning from its format and structure. The content can then be ranked by subject. You will notice that your keywords will be long-tail and surrounded by words that describe the topic.

  1. Prioritizing User Experience

You may be an expert in your field, answering all customer questions and providing detailed content, but still not rank highly in the SERPs. What’s going on? Google says yes. Core Web Vitals is a set of signals that will determine how well your website is set up to improve consumer access and interaction.

This algorithm takes effect May 20, 2021. You can start improving your website. Google expects content as soon as your site loads. You should also ensure that the page loads quickly and that your audience is not inconvenienced while the page loads.

  1. Content that Matters

Google is still looking for quality, problem-solving information online in 2022. No one will tell you to write 2000+ words per page.

You can rank with a 300-word article or long-form content. The most important thing is to stay relevant and provide your visitors with valuable information. When your content meets customer needs, search engines reward you with higher rankings.

  1. Voice Search for the Most Useful Results

Siri has been available on Apple devices for over a decade. It’s not just Google that’s created voice assistant software and apps to make working with smart devices more convenient All three are newer than Siri and play an important role in controlling devices, including what to do online.

Voice-assisted search is essential for reducing typing time. You can talk to your phone or tablet while doing other things. Asking your device to search the web is not the same as typing it. We speak normally in voice search, as we do in normal conversation.

To ensure that your content ranks for voice search, you must work on your keywords. Long-tail keywords will keep you relevant in voice search. Allow your content to flow naturally to answer a query.

  1. Local Search is Vital

The internet facilitates information access. It makes the world seem small. That doesn’t mean you should ignore local customers.

Local search placements are vital, especially if you have a physical location. Consider optimizing a Google My Business page and including your city in your target keywords.

  1. Video Content

Initially, search engine bots couldn’t read images or videos. Things have changed, and now the content you feed your viewers via video determines your search engine ranking.

Businesses should use video marketing for several reasons. Using video-sharing sites like YouTube can help your business rank higher. Make your channel name relevant. Utilize the correct keywords in your video titles and descriptions.


We may not be able to fully exploit SEO. But we can work harder to get to the top and keep up with new developments. In this way, you can improve your site and content to reach more customers while remaining relevant.