How to Cut the Time you Spend on your Email in Half

According to a McKinsey analysis, the average professional spends 28% of their workday reading and responding to email. This equates to an astounding 2.6 hours per day spent and 120 messages received by the average full-time worker in America.

Here are five ways we waste time unnecessarily and how to reclaim it:

  1. Checking email excessively wastes 21 minutes per day
  2. Daily time loss of 27 minutes due to clogged inboxes
  3. 14 minutes per day are wasted by using folders to organize and find emails.
  4. Using a mouse to archive emails into multiple folders wastes 11 minutes per day.
  5. Each day, we spend eight minutes reading and processing irrelevant emails.

Email has become the bane of the twenty-first-century worker’s existence, but by implementing just these five practices, email can be restored to its former glory:

  • Disable notifications and check your email hourly instead
  • When you read an email for the first time, move it out of your inbox.
  • Retrieve emails using the search functionality and search operators.
  • Create two email folders and use shortcuts to archive emails in those folders.
  • Avoid manually processing irrelevant or less important emails.