4 Instagram Posts to Grow Your SMB Brand

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for ecommerce businesses. Instagram attracts a young audience that is increasingly willing to engage with brands and even buy products directly from Instagram.

90% of Instagram users follow a business, and two-thirds say Instagram allows them to interact with brands.

While there are numerous post formats to try, these are the best Instagram posts for brand engagement (and not just mere double taps).

Ask a Question

You can easily increase engagement by simply asking questions in your captions or in the visual itself.

When you ask open-ended questions like “What is your favorite ?” or “What is your best recommendation?”, you create a two-way conversation that helps your followers connect with you.

So, use this simple trick to increase engagement on Instagram posts.

Show Behind the Scenes

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are ideal for showcasing your company’s “human side.” Giving your followers a peek behind the brand’s curtain is a great way to do so.

So, if you sell customized sneakers on ecommerce, your followers already know how awesome your sneakers look thanks to your product-focused Instagram posts and stories.

But do they realize how much work goes into making them? A quick Instagram Reels video shows your team’s behind-the-scenes work.

Similarly, a simple “day in the life” clip can effectively convey your company’s culture and values, your life as a business owner, the technology used to manufacture your products, your team’s efforts, etc.

And you don’t need to plan or edit extensively. A raw, uncut backstage pass is highly valued.

Backstage content helps your audience empathize with your brand. Ultimately, it’s a neat way to improve your brand’s overall customer experience.

Share Creative Memes

Memes are popular. Instagram is a great place to entertain your followers (and get more likes, comments, and shares).

Share creative and relatable memes to delight your followers.

It’s possible that the memes you want to post aren’t available in high resolution (important for visual-first platforms like Instagram) or are already old and seen by your audience.

It’s best to make your own original memes and watermark them. Making memes may not seem like a business task, but it is a fun and quick activity (only a pinch of wit). When done correctly, it can help your brand go viral, increasing engagement, followers, and traffic.

Create memes with free online tools like Imgflip or Meme Creator.

Repost User-Generated Content

You can use Instagram to boost your brand’s authenticity, despite its reputation for “faking it until you make it.” People follow you to learn more about your brand and connect with it.

Authenticity is a key factor for Millennials and Generation Z when deciding which brands to support, and they will only engage with authentic branded content.

User-generated content (UGC) is another tried-and-true method to improve authenticity.

So you’ll get quality content from real customers that you can repost to show off your business’s genuine quality.

In Conclusion

The last thing you want to do is keep wasting money and resources on Instagram posts that fail to engage (two-way interaction, click-throughs, social shares, etc.). Start focusing your Instagram efforts on the above-mentioned posts and watch your brand engagement skyrocket.