How ABM Automation Can Transform Your Sales Cycle

Have you ever gotten a promotional email for a product you already bought? Was it three times on a website before you could talk to someone about a problem? It can be very frustrating for someone as a customer.

Many companies treat their leads the same way: as names on a list, deserving of an occasional email but not of individual care. The end result is a lazy and ineffective sales process.

However, an impersonalized approach may seem the only option when you only have a small sales team and hundreds of leads to contact. Let us then take a look at how ABM can change your sales process for you

  • What is the Essence of Using Account-Based Marketing?
  • The Best Ways to Automate ABM
  • Popular ABM Tools

What is the Essence of Using Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing is an old hat. People in marketing have long known that their targets are accounts, not just single prospects. To be clear, the accounts’ buying committees want their needs met.

This is because each targeted account contact is given individual attention. The salesperson can focus on the lead’s specific wants and needs. The result is a higher ROI for ABM.

The best, most relevant leads are targeted with ABM. As a result, ABM can lead to some of the most lucrative deals when done correctly.

However, ABM is resource-intensive by nature. Learning about each company’s stakeholder and developing meaningful relationships takes time and effort.

With finite resources, how can a rapidly growing company keep up? It is imply with ABM automation

Accounting for Business Management (ABM) automation allows you to focus on each target account individually without sacrificing overall productivity.

The Best Ways to Automate ABM

  1. Make Use of Workflows

It requires a lot of manual, personalized effort from marketers and salespeople to do ABM properly. But there’s always room for improvement!

Beginning with a map of your buyer’s journey, look for areas where automation can help.

It’s especially useful when meeting a new lead for the first time. Like sending nurturing emails to leads after they’ve completed an action. You could also notify the assigned salesperson when a lead views your pricing page.

So, without having to monitor and trigger those actions, leads are always contacted at the exact right time.

  1. Manage your leads by segment

Keep track of each lead and account to ensure ABM efforts are successful.

With ABM automation, you can automatically tag, segment, and score your leads based on demographics, online behavior, or other criteria that matter to your company.

In order to convert target companies, salespeople must segment their contacts in real time.

It’s easy to prioritize and track leads with automatic tagging. Contacting each lead at the right time with the right method will increase your chances of success.

  1. Customize content

It takes a lot of personalized marketing content to treat prospects as individuals. Everyone who interacts with you should be aware of their specific situation.

Again, ABM automation can provide that level of personalization without requiring too much manual effort from the user.

Personalize emails, ads, and landing pages with ABM automation. A prospect’s location, previous interactions with your company, and brand knowledge will all be gathered. Use the data to customize messaging or a website section.

Still mass-producing content, but tailored to each customer’s needs.

  1. Track your progress

No sales process is complete without performance tracking. Which accounts closed and why?

Automatic reports and dashboards make it easier than ever to improve sales performance. It’s easy to track progress when data is easily accessible. Less time spent creating reports means more time spent analyzing them for improvement.

Popular ABM Tools

There are more great tools available for your ABM efforts as ABM automation becomes more commonplace:

  • LeanData: LeanData’s Salesforce-native products cover Marketing, Operations, and Sales in particular. In addition, its platform allows for lead matching and gives sales teams a 360-degree view of each client.
  • Marketo Engage: Marketo Engage is a customer journey marketing automation platform. This platform uses AI to automate tasks. With Marketo Engage, you can use it for all ABM efforts.
  • HubSpot: HubSpot is a comprehensive CRM for Sales, Marketing, and Operations. There’s a powerful lead database, drag-and-drop workflows that can be coded, and personalized content.

Those are just a few of the many available. Before selecting an ABM automation tool, evaluate your business’s needs and do extensive research.

It is almost certain that ABM will increase your close rate and ROI. Fail, and your team will suffer.

With ABM automation, you can give each lead the attention it deserves without adding a lot of extra staff.