Stats for Video Marketing You Should Take Note

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Social Media Video Stats

When it comes to video, each social media platform has its own distinct personality. Some platforms are built for video content, while others use it to boost engagement. The following general social media video statistics will help you market on social media. We’ll also look at each platform separately, providing social media video statistics.

1) 93% of brands report gaining a new customer through social media video marketing (Animoto, 2018)

Because of the success of their campaigns, many brands now consider social media their primary lead generation channel. Around 88 percent of marketers are happy with their campaigns’ ROI.

2) 58% of consumers check a brand’s social media page before visiting their website (Animoto, 2019)

Optimising your social profiles allows you to make a good first impression. Begin strong by using video content to capture their attention and keep them interested.

3) 82% of consumers prefer live mobile video to social media posts (Vimeo, 2020)

Live videos are becoming increasingly popular on social media. Simultaneously, they are one of the best ways to create a genuine interaction Live video content can be used for live selling, Q&A sessions, and live contests or games.

Statistics That Demonstrate the Effectiveness of Video Marketing

Videos can impact almost every aspect of your digital marketing campaigns. It can improve video SEO, email marketing, social sharing, and audience engagement. Take a look at some more video marketing stats for 2021.

1) 84% of consumers said watching a brand’s video convinced them to buy or subscribe to a service (Wyzowl, 2021)

Videos are ubiquitous. Whether on IGTV, YouTube, or a video found through video SEO, video content is everywhere. But video’s influence, not its ubiquity, gives it power. 84 percent of consumers say they were persuaded to buy after watching a brand’s video online. These video trends are likely to continue as more marketers use video in their campaigns.

2) When viewing a brand’s video, 83% of consumers stayed longer (Wyzowl, 2021)

Dwell time is the time a user spends on a web page. Dwell time is a ranking factor in SEO because it indicates the user finds value in your content by spending more time on that page. The mere presence of a video on a page increases dwell time. Videos also keep users engaged, increasing dwell time.

3) Eighty percent of consumers recall a recent video ad (HubSpot, 2020)

This figure demonstrates the human brain’s ability to retain video information. Using video in your ads may increase their impact on a buyer’s purchase decision. But keep in mind that quality matters. Include elements that will make your video memorable, like those old commercials you remember.

General Video Marketing Statistics 2021

According to recent video marketing statistics 2021, not only marketers use video to attract their target audience. To attract new customers through search engine optimization (SEO), specifically video SEO, businesses have hired video production services to create video content. Investing in video marketing for lead generation will certainly pay off. This is supported by general video marketing statistics.

1. Among marketers who use video, 93% say it is critical to their strategy (Wyzowl, 2021).

93 percent of marketers say video marketing is critical to their overall strategy. According to those interviewed, video marketing produces a return on investment that meets or exceeds their expectations.

2. Video retains 95% of a message (Insivia, 2016)

Observations on video marketing: Videos naturally stimulate the human brain for three reasons. They combine visuals, sounds, and motion to create a powerful information delivery system. These factors influence how the human brain perceives your message, which is why video retains more information than text.