How Data Extraction Software helps you generate more leads

The Internet is a major source of free business leads. Sources of high-quality sales leads include online business directories like yellow pages, membership directories, MLS listings, Google Maps, and LinkedIn. But it takes a lot of time and effort. This blog post will teach you how data extraction software can help you generate sales leads faster.

What is the Essence of Data Extraction Software?

Remember that the internet has great lead generation resources. However, you must manually search those directories or websites for contacts. Then copy-paste them into an Excel spreadsheet or your CRM. It consumes your time and resources.

Say “Plumbers in Los Angeles, CA” in the yellow pages. It returns hundreds of results. You must copy-paste all contact information, including name, phone number, and mailing address. Do this for all contacts on a page, then move on to the next page and repeat the process. Imagine the time and effort required to manually extract data from hundreds of pages. Manual data entry is also prone to errors.

Having a dedicated resource is useless. It takes the same time as manually extracting data from various sources, and the risk of typos remains. It also adds to your bills.

Lead generation software that extracts data

Small businesses with limited resources cannot afford to spend hours on the internet generating leads. Data extraction software can help here. It speeds up lead generation.

Data extraction software quickly generates high-quality sales leads from various online sources.

Some of the most popular sources for high-quality leads are:

1. LinkedIn

Sales & marketing professionals are paying close attention to LinkedIn. It helps you search for leads and narrow down your results. You can search for leads by industry, title, location, company size, etc. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a version designed for sales people. You can quickly find your targeted prospects on LinkedIn and extract data from it.

2. Yellow Pages Directories

It is one of the most popular online business directories. It gives businesses a lot of visibility, so they get listed in yellow pages directories. Yellow pages directories are certainly one of the best places to look for businesses of your choice. It helps you find new customers and grow your business. To generate leads, you must manually check the search results and copy-paste them into excel or CRM. Data extraction software automates the process.

3. Association Websites

These websites have targeted lead lists. This is the best source for building a targeted prospect list. You can build Lists can by extracting data from websites.

4. Google Maps

This is now one of the major lead sources. Google My Business and Google Maps are being listed. It gives businesses great exposure and it’s free. So sales and marketing teams use Google Maps to gather data and generate leads. Making data from Google Maps manually is difficult. Using data extraction tools from Google Maps to Excel is quick and easy.