Finding New Leads from Existing CRM & Increase Sales

We all want to grow our businesses, whether we are business owners or development executives. You spend a lot of time and money on lead generation campaigns. Find new leads from your existing CRM and increase sales with this blog.

CRM – A Sales Lead Mine

Your CRM is a sale leads mine. All of your current and past prospects are listed. The CRM clearly identifies your users, how many people have tried your product but have not purchased it for various reasons, and so on. You keep pursuing them in your CRM to get more leads.

However, the data in your CRM will not remain static. Yes, research shows that people change jobs every 3-4 years, and C-level executives even more frequently. Because they don’t have the updated data, your CRM data becomes obsolete. Every year, close to 25% of your CRM’s data becomes unusable. You would have worked hard to get those business leads or paid a lot of money to buy them.

A smart way to leverage CRM leads and close more sales exists. Yes, it can help you generate more leads, sell more, and increase sales faster. See more below.

Find 3x faster closing leads

This means more sales and less time spent searching for new leads. If you have 1000 contacts in your CRM and 250 of them have changed jobs, you get a lot more new leads to close sales faster. How?

  • If your CRM customers are decision makers who have moved on, you get new sales opportunities at their new companies.
  • Similarly, users who leave your company may be elevated to influencer or decision maker roles. They can convince their new employers to buy your product. Also, they have used your product and seen the results, increasing your chances of a sale.
  • They used your product, were very impressed, but didn’t have the budget or decision-making authority to buy it. These people may be promoted or given decision-making roles in new companies. They can now buy your product when you approach them.

What makes these people special that you should contact them? These people know you well, have used your products, and are very pleased with the results.

So you don’t have to sell to them again. You can close sales 3x faster with these high-probability prospects. Interesting?

That’s fantastic! But how do you find out if they’ve quit and moved on, where they’ve gone, and their current contact info? Job-Change Finder comes in handy here.

Find out who quit and moved on instantly

Job-Change Finder scans your CRM contacts list and flags people who change jobs, got promotion, etc. Job-Change Finder also helps you find their new employers, email addresses, and phone numbers. It helps you find new leads quickly.

Simply upload your CRM contact list. Job-Change Finder finds new leads from your CRM, including new business contacts and demographics.

Looking for new sales leads? Job-Change Finder is perfect for you. You get more sales leads and close them faster than normal.