Easy Steps on How To Create a Facebook Marketing Strategy

Let’s take a look at some of the ideas to help you build a solid Facebook strategy to help you make the most of your Page.

1. Define your audience

To engage your audience effectively, you have to understand who you are talking to first. You need to know who your target audience are by asking yourself these questions:

How old are your target followers?
What kind of jobs do they have?
What are their challenges?
Where do they live?
How and when do they use Facebook?

Of course, it is also very important to understand the general demographics of the Facebook users. Then, once you have gotten a sense of who the actually people using the platform and how that is connected to your target customer, you can then take a look at your Facebook Audience Insights.

Facebook Audience Insights user demographics

Making use of Facebook’s free, built-in Audience Insights tool these will help you to drill down into the “nitty-gritty” details about your potential customers. You can make use of it to find information on things like:

Relationship status
Facebook usage
Past purchasing activity

After all, if you do not have any idea of who you are trying to reach, then you are unlikely to ever reach them.

2. Set goals

For your brand, what does success look like? Sure, it can be really tempting to look at the Likes as the ultimate measure of your achievement, but if they are not part of a broader marketing plan, those likes you see are not much of anything. Sometimes they are even called a vanity metric.

A strong goal that is tied to your business objectives is very essential if you are creating an effective Facebook marketing strategy. Every business need to have different goals, but each should be focused on actions that will impact their bottom line.

This may include:

Generating leads
Increasing the conversions on your website
Improving your customer service

Once you have decided what you need to achieve, you should map out specific, measurable ways for you to get there. You should make use of a recognized goal-setting framework like SMART goals or the OKR goal framework.
Every of your post, every comment, every of your ad been created on Facebook should ultimately be in service of your set goals. To keep yourself on track, it is a good idea for you to create a Facebook mission statement for your brand.

3. Plan Your Content Mix

You have your target audience. You also know your goals. Now it is the time to craft those posts.

To determine the right mix of content takes trial and error, but a good and adviceable to use the “80-20 Rule”: this simply means using 80% of your posts to inform, to educate and to entertain, and the rest other 20% for promoting your brand.

Yea that is right: not every post should be about the greatness of your company. That post will get old fast, just like a new boyfriend talking about Bitcoin through out your entire birthday dinner.

Instead, you should aim at providing value and building relationships with your followers. Give them content that they will enjoy and give them content regularly, and they will be more open-minded to listening about your products and your services when you do, then you can bring them up 20% of the time.

Another option that will help to guide your content mix is the social media rule of the thirds. Under this school of thought, one third of the content you post should share ideas and stories, and one third of the content you post should involve personal interactions with your followers and the rest of your content can be for the promotion of your business.

4. Optimize Your Page for Engagement

Whatever be your goal for Facebook marketing, it will be tough for you to achieve it if no one knows about your Facebook Page exists.

That is why it is very important to (a) first get people to your Page and( b) compelling them to interact once they get to your page.

Expert Tip: Give a little extra uniqueness and love to your Facebook Page cover image. This is very important as it is the first thing people will see when they visit your Page, so it better your page look good!

One easiest way to help people quickly find your Facebook Business Page is through the cross-promotion. You can help people who are interacting with you already on other platforms to find you on Facebook by simply linking to your Page in your email signature and the newsletter, and also incorporating Facebook Like and the share buttons on your website or your blog.

For you to get those views, Likes and the Follows rolling in is a little less scientific: you have got to start creating highly shareable content. Posts that are very valuable and also entertaining will (hopefully!) inspire your followers to start sharing with their friends.

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