Mistakes that Can Wreck Your Email Marketing Strategy

Not investing in your list

By you not investing in the upkeep of your list, it is possible for you to miss out on potential opportunities to connect with prospects or subscribers. This can look like not adding to your list when you are receiving new contacts or keeping bad contacts on your list.

The bounce rate and the spam score are also important metrics, especially because the email service providers look at them too. This reflects poorly on your business, so it is a good practice for you to evaluate your list regularly and to remove the inaccurate email addresses!

Not paying attention to details

Going on and on about the proofreading of your emails might sound like a broken record. But if we all are aware that it is something we should do, why do we still struggle with it so much at this time?

Take the extra time you have to pay attention to the details in your email, like your grammar and the links. It will show when you don’t! One of our favorites? When the preheader of your email still reads the: “view this email.” It proves that you did not care enough to dot your I’s and to also cross your T’s.

You need to have created an email checklist that you will walk through every single time right before you start pressing the send. It should cover the basics but also it should include a step to read the email out loud before you start sending it on its way. It is amazing the things you catch when you take the time to read it out loud!

Make it focused on you, and not your customer

This one is very true for any marketing tactic but shows up a lot in the emails. It is really easy to start every sentence with the “we” But instead, you should try to eliminate every mention of your company in the first sentence or your first paragraph. Make it more about your reader, and the difference will show in the content that you write!

You can start by reworking some of your sentences. Instead of the, “We are excited to celebrate the grand opening of our new space!” you can write “You are invited to a grand opening celebration!”

Doing this keeps your readers at the center of your communication and also shows them just how valuable they are to your business!

Not optimizing for mobile

Mobile is not just the future. It is simply the reality when it comes to your email marketing. Up to 70% of your readers are making use of the mobile device and will be reading your email on their mobile device. That means the mobile should be your primary focus when you are writing and designing your email.

At the very least, make sure that you are sending a test email to your phone before you start to hit send!

Not providing valuable content in your emails!

This final mistake to be made might be most costly in the long run. If your emails are not providing any valuable information that your readers want, you will struggle with your email marketing, no matter what your strategy! You should learn to add value to their lives with the content that you share and you will be on your way!

Begin with the strategy and start creating a plan that uses your emails to accomplish your marketing goals! Then be sure that your strategy helps you to avoid these common mistakes you might face with your lists, your designs, and your cadence.

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