5 Proven Facebook Post Engagement Strategies

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It is becoming increasingly difficult to get organic engagement on Facebook posts. You’ve noticed that despite your 1000+ Facebook fans, you struggle to get 100 likes and comments. Your conversion rate is so low that you sometimes don’t get a single link click.

You don’t have to delete your current Facebook page or create a new one. Instead, think about how to make your posts more engaging. Here are 5 tried-and-true methods to help you get there.

  • Examine your top posts
  • Go Live
  • Post when your fans or followers are online
  • Sort and Prioritize Comments
  • . Use a CTA in your posts
  1. Examine your top posts

Looking inward can help boost Facebook engagement. Let’s say you have a fantastic post. Lots of likes, shares, and love in the comments. Rather than dismissing it as an outlier, you should try to recreate the same social magic. Those few posts may be the keys to your organic engagements, so pay attention and try to emulate them occasionally.

  1. Go Live

Facebook has also been promoting Live videos heavily.

They changed their algorithm to rank live videos higher than non-live videos. Facebook claims that “people watch Facebook Live videos three times longer than non-live videos” and “comment on Facebook Live videos ten times more than regular videos”.

This is a great way to interact with your followers and introduce new products or services. Holding a live Q&A will increase engagement and familiarity with your page and brand.

Plus, your followers may be more inclined to read your posts.

  1. Post when your fans or followers are online

Get more organic Facebook engagements with this strategy. Even if not all of your followers are online at the same time, you must know when the majority are. Posting within this time frame will increase the likelihood of them liking, commenting, and sharing your post.

Examining your own data can help you find the best time to post.

On the Post tab of your Facebook Page Insights, you can see when your fans are online each day of the week.

You can target your posts to your followers based on their interests and availability.

  1. Sort and Prioritize Comments

You can’t just “fix” your Facebook page engagement. If someone comments on your content, you should reciprocate. People want to interact with brands, which is why businesses that respond to comments get more interactions. Also, in today’s social space, replies are expected. People respect a social response within a few hours of commenting.

Taking the time to respond to fans shows that you care. This is good for branding and encourages future fan interaction.

If you don’t have time to respond to every comment/message, hire a social media manager. Their social media expertise can help grow online presence and customer base.

  1. Use a CTA in your posts

Aside from the obvious “TAG YOUR FRIENDS!” posts, Facebook is trying to steer brands away from over-sharing. Adding a call to action to your posts is perfectly acceptable. Your fans will appreciate having a say and being reminded of their desires. To do so, simply add a question to your posts. Consider creating a series of posts where you regularly poll your followers. Encouragement of debate and discussion is fine, but not begging.

These strategies work well for small businesses and can be used in your next Facebook post to increase engagement. The best combination for your brand/business depends on your niche and target market. Examine all of these tactics to see which one works best for you.