6 Types of Marketing Videos Your Website Visitors Will Love

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Having a visually attractive and highly informational webpage is an essential tool for any business online that wants to make an impact nowadays. But if it’s to achieve its original goal, your page needs engaging and effective content to captivate new visitors on the spot – which might be a difficulty!

Thanks to its variety and creative possibilities, the good news is that video content allows you a perfect route to do just that. It’s why skilled video production businesses are in such high demand as of late.

However, even when you decide to include video content, the question of what form of video would be the best fit for your page remains. And the truth is that it entirely depends on your website’s goals!

Do you want to drive sales? Enlighten your audience? Nurture trust?

To assist you explore the finest possibilities, we’ll walk you through the six most popular (and effective!) types of video for your webpage. Providing useful advice on how to maximize their performance as well!

Company Story Videos: Make Your Brand’s Values Shine Through

There is a reason why you and your team woke up one day with a vision in mind that pushes you to work. This narrative can attract new audiences if published on your website.

Company story videos are ideal for showcasing your brand’s values. With this form of film, you may show your audience the perspective of those that serve the user every day.

This type of video requires everyone’s voice. So, attempt to display a variety of people—workers, managers, engineers, and the CEO—who can tell your company’s narrative.

Pro Tip: Company story movies are meant to empathetically connect viewers to your business vision. To achieve this, you can use interviews, but also take audiences on a tour of your company’s installations, or highlight a fundamental value or initiative.

Consider this Starbucks piece. They inform you about their firm, but they stress on their commitment to creating and promoting more environmentally friendly products.

Product Videos: Explain Your Solution’s Features

Let’s face it: creating a fantastic product homepage is all about closing sales. To that aim, several companies provide thorough product descriptions. A product video might make a better impact on your visitors.

The goal of product videos is to demonstrate your solution in action. The key is that this type of accessory makes your product more approachable. You can use it to explain your product’s unique features or show them in high-quality footage.

Likewise, with product videos, you don’t have to go through every single feature. Do not overwhelm prospects with information.

Educational Videos: Become a Trusted Reference in Your Field

Audiences are often unusually curious, more interested in the mechanics of your product than a sales speech. The greatest strategy to reach these people may not be to directly market your brand, but rather to educate them.

Educational videos are a great way to review product science. Use this style of video on your website to educate visitors on the history, development, or facts behind your solution.

Pro Tip: Educational videos are meant to simplify knowledge about your product, not complicate it. So avoid being too technical and use all visual resources to offer a clear, memorable explanation for your audience.

Explainer Videos: A Simple yet Effective Animation

Entertaining your website visitors is essential. Capture their interest with fascinating content. The entertainment aspect is in the storyline, but it can also be generated by the visual style you chose.

Animated explainer films are one of the best methods to captivate audiences. To entice viewers, employ characters, whiteboard animation, or flowing visuals and forms to show your thoughts.

Explainer videos are a great choice when you want to show your product or service through narrative and animation.

Pro Tip: There is no “best” style or format for explainer videos. Never be scared to experiment and utilize your imagination when making a film.

This is crucial when promoting a product that is difficult or requires extensive knowledge. Your images should simplify and support your message, making it more powerful and approachable.

Tutorial Videos: Show Them How to Use Your Product or Service

You want the audience to know how beneficial or easy your product is to handle or install. An instructional video can be a great addition to your website.

These films show you how to use your product or service step-by-step and show you what you can do with it. In addition to promoting tech products, they are perfect for marketing multi-purpose items and services.

The best part about making this type of video is that it can be used by existing customers who want to know how to get the most out of their purchase!

Pro tip: Make your tutorial video basic, clear, and informative – break the explanation down into as many steps as necessary. Don’t assume viewers already know! Explain each step as though speaking to a novice.

FAQ Videos: Clear Out Your Customers’ Doubts in a Single Piece

Who guarantees your product’s quality? What can reassure your customers that it works and solves their problems? Your visitors may ask these questions, so be prepared to answer them. Why not make a video FAQ section instead of a written one?

FAQs are a practical approach to get industry professionals and opinion leaders to remark on your solution’s details. Organize and respond to some of the most common client inquiries in an engaging piece of media!

Your visitors will have more confidence in their purchase decisions if they know what to expect from your product.

Pro Tip: FAQ videos can be game changers for ecommerce systems, but remember that user experience is key. Assure that your website visitors may easily get the question they seek. A long text or movie can be broken up into smaller portions by a specific query.

In Conclusion

Making a website that adds to your marketing goals requires a lot of technical know-how. Whatever the details of any page, there’s a form of video content that may help it sparkle.

So, the next time you think about what to put on your website, think about adding a video.

Finally, after your movie is on the page, don’t be bashful about showing it off! Make it visible to your visitors right away, if possible.

Your prospects will enjoy it if you make it fun and instructive.