How to Display Yahoo Mail’s Headers

Do you have a difficult time to view the header information contained within a Yahoo mail message? The procedure is identical regardless of browser or platform you are using. It can provide useful information about the origins of an email.

How to Locate a Yahoo Mail Email Header

Normally, the email headers in Yahoo Mail are hidden. To view them, click here.

1. Open Yahoo Mail and navigate to the email from which you want to extract the header.

2. In the message’s toolbar, select the ellipses (…) and then View Raw Message.

The "View Raw Message" command

3. A new tab is opened that contains the entire message, including the header information and body text.

What Information Is Contained in the Yahoo Mail Header?

Each email message, regardless of the service provider, contains a message header. It also contains a log of the steps it took to reach your inbox. The information begins with the email address to which the message was sent. Additionally, there are details about when the email was sent, the sending server’s IP address, and the time the message was received by the recipient.

The header information in Yahoo Mail messages is included in the full, raw message details.

Knowing the IP address of the server from which the message was sent is beneficial if you suspect the sender’s true identity has been spoofed or fabricated. You can look up your IP address using a service like

For instance, if your bank appears to have sent you an odd email and you want to determine who sent it, read the IP address at the top of the message’s header. If the IP address resolves to a server from a domain other than your bank’s (for example,, it is possible that the email address was spoofed and the message did not originate from your bank.