10 digital marketing device eBooks to help you reach your goals

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  1. Shoot The HiPPO: By Tom Bowden & Tom Jepson

This book will help you become a better digital marketing manager. It focuses on making data-driven decisions in your company. Bowden and Jepson show how, in difficult situations, rational, data-driven decision-making can give way to gut instinct and personal opinion. They help us build a data-driven culture and, most importantly, shoot the HiPPO.

  1. Digital Marketig: By Dave Chaffey & Fiona Ellis-Chadwick

This book shows how companies can use digital media and technology to achieve marketing goals. They provide case studies and models for developing workplace skills. The book recommends best practices in search marketing, conversion optimization, and social media marketing.

  1. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – Gary Vaynerchuk

The book teaches how to win clients’ hearts through social media marketing. It has the right punches and hooks to elicit an emotional response.

Gary highlights how well-known brands create low-quality content without understanding social media.

He advises advertisers to consider the platform and its users, noting that people use different platforms.

  1. Youtility- Jay Baer

The book helps readers make better long-term decisions.

He advises businesses to adapt to the ever-changing marketing industry by building information associations.

The entire book revolves around clever advertising designed to turn a one-time customer into a loyal one. He shows how buyers can sift through hype-filled marketing using real-world examples.

 5.Marketing Communications:  PR Smith & Ze Zook

This book will teach the reader how to engage and retain customers. There are various issues such as AI in marketing, ethical issues, and data management issues that can affect any digital marketer.

This book covers the use of AI, IoT, Big Data, AR/VR, marketing automation, and social media, as well as ethical and data management issues.

  1. Social Media Bible: Strategies, Tools, and Tactics for Business – Lon Safko

For digital marketing experts, businesses, and organizations, this book is recommended. It contains all the latest procedures, data, and strategies for social media marketing success.

This Social Media Bible includes all updates and tactics required for marketing via Twitter, Google Search, Yammer, mobile marketing, gadgets, plug-ins, applications, etc.

  1. Marketing 5.0: Technology for Humanity- By Philip Kotler

This book covers the massive changes marketers face today, including significant technological advances, changing consumer behavior, and shifting business models.

Philip Kotler provides a roadmap for marketers and non-marketers alike to become more disruptive and digitally focused. He explains how marketers can do this by combining human common sense and creativity with digital marketing tools.

  1. Digital Branding- Daniel Rowles

A simple look at digital marketing. This book will help both beginners and experts plan and optimize their marketing strategies.

This book will guide you through the digital marketing process, helping you improve your website optimization and marketing strategies. The wording is simple and will help anyone from a newbie to a seasoned market

  1. The Big Data Driven Business- Russell Glass & Sean Callahan

In 2022, significant data will be the most prevalent source of information about your potential clients, and this book will be conclusive in understanding Big Data.

The book includes expert advice and real-life examples to help readers beat competitors and win clients.

  1. Permission Marketing- Seth Godin

Permission Marketing allows advertisers to tailor their message to their clients’ desires. He disapproves of ‘Interruption Marketing’, where companies push their product like a pushy salesman.

He shares strategies and case studies for attracting new clients. This book emphasizes the need for permission as a benefit.