Email Open Rates And Email click-through rates

The Email open rates

Open Rate – Every time an email was opened will be divided by the total number of the emails sent.

Average across all industries – 17.8%

1. Highest open rates by industry
2. Government: 30.5% (an increase of 10.71% from 19.79% in 2018)
3. Nonprofit: 25.2% (an increase of 4.81% from 20.23% in 2018)
4. Education: 23.4% (an increase of 4.5% from 18.9% in 2018)
5. Lowest open rates by industry
6. Automotive and Aerospace: 12.6% (17% in 2018)
7. Food and Beverage: 13.0% (15.48% in 2018)
8. Retail: 13.9% (14.98% in 2018)

The open rate benchmark is known to be the most basic, and yet it is one of the most important, of our metrics, this is the percentage of the subscribers who open your email.

The main factors that will affect open rates are:

1. Quality of an email’s subject line – including text, tone and length
2. Previews optimized to include preheader text
3. Sender name and email address
4. Time and day of delivery
5. Frequency of campaigns

Email click-through rates (CTR)

Click-through Rate – This is the number of subscribers who clicked a link within the email and divided by the total number of emails that was sent.

Average across all industries – 2.6%

1. Highest click-through rates by industry
2. Government: 4.1% (an increase of 1.06% from 3.04% in 2018)
3. Real Estate, Design and Construction Activities: 3.6% (an increase of 0.54% from 3.06% in 2018)
4. Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting: 3.5% (an increase of 0.16% from 3.66% in 2018)
5. Lowest click-through rates by industry
6. Automotive and Aerospace: 1.2% (2.17% in 2018)
7. Food and Beverage: 1.2% (1.69% in 2018)
8. Consumer Packaged Goods: 1.6% (1.86% in 2018)
9. Travel, Hospitality, and Leisure: 1.6% (2.14% in 2018)

This click-rate benchmark gives the marketers an idea about the quality of the email content and how the calls-to-action are compelling. It is a measure of the amount of subscribers that are visiting your website and, that are ultimately, making conversions.

The main factors to affect the click-through rates are:

1. Maintaining your brand voice
2. Strong segments with the most relevant content
3. Defined calls-to-action utilizing the clean and clear design and copy
4. Call-to-action placement
5. Incentivized calls-to-action
6. Content that backs up the subject line

Best days for email marketing

In a departure from the previous years, the examination done in the 2020 email marketing statistics by day shows that the benchmarks did not vary greatly throughout the week. However, one od the day did stand slightly above the rest in terms of its performance.

1. Best day with the highest email open rates: Friday (18.9%)
2. Best days with the highest click-through rates: Friday (2.7%)
3. Best days with the highest click-to-open rates: Wednesday and Friday (14.4%)
4. The Email unsubscribe rates that were virtually identical throughout the week (0.1%)
What does this trend mean, and how should you react? You can examine the data further and make more research on it.

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