What you should know about Limited-Time Promotions

Emphasize the urgency

In all likelihood, everybody viewing your limited-time offer has already seen hundreds of advertisements in the last few hours. They could also be used in the business as standard advertisements for your brand. Therefore, it is your responsibility to convey the message that this deal will expire shortly. It is not a good idea to conceal the expiration date at the bottom. If you want to ensure that people understand the deal is only available for a limited time, consider employing a countdown timer.

Distribute your offer widely

Your deal will expire sooner rather than later, so act quickly! It is your responsibility to ensure that your enticing offer is seen by as many people as possible before it expires. To achieve the best results, utilize as many marketing channels as possible. Specifically, make advantage of email, targeted ads, site banners, chatbots, and SMS. Your objective is not to spam your audience; but, if your offer speaks for itself, your leads will be grateful to have seen it.

Remind your prospects of your offer

Because we are all procrastinators, it is entirely possible that you have reached the correct audience and they intend to make a purchase but put it off for various reasons. Normally, you could gradually persuade them through standard content marketing or abandoned cart reminders, but this is a time-sensitive situation that requires immediate action.

Assume you’re running a four-day limited-time promotion. On days one and two, you can contact a subscriber via as many channels as possible, but be sure to give them a reminder as your sale approaches its conclusion.

Never underestimate the persuasive power of an eleventh-hour email. It is now your responsibility to succumb to FOMO. If your prior communications underlined that this deal is only available for a limited time, this one should emphasize that the deal will expire in a matter of hours.

Take care not to overdo it

It’s a good idea to focus your limited-time offers around holidays, seasonal events, or times of the year when your product is most relevant. Having said that, if you are experiencing a poor quarter, a limited-time deal may provide the sales boost you require.

Make a generous offer

Make your offer compelling enough to warrant a potential customer’s time. While offering your goods at a discount may not be exciting if your profit margin is already low, market research from Zion & Zion reveals some encouraging news. When compared to a 5% discount, their analysis discovered that a 10% discount increased engagement by 47.7% and generated a higher ROI. While this may seem contradictory, the larger discount makes the deal more desirable, resulting in a higher volume of sales.

Naturally, your mileage may vary and this effect is limited in scope, but ensures that your offer is appealing enough to persuade consumers to convert.


Thus, we’ve discussed what it takes to develop a compelling limited-time offer. To summarize, keep in mind to:

  1. Keep the copy of your offer brief and succinct.
  2. Make it abundantly obvious that your offer is not permanent.
  3. Distribute your offer via every available medium.
  4. Remind leads about your offer before to its expiration.
  5. Avoid excessive reliance on limited-time offerings.
  6. Provide an enticing discount.

These six suggestions can help you create a limited-time offer that is certain to increase sales and delight your customers. A well-executed limited-time offer is a win-win situation.