Examples of video content in emails

Following our introduction to video embedding, let’s look for some inspiration and examine how other businesses employ visually appealing video content to earn subscribers’ trust, improve product understanding, and increase engagement.

Onboarding videos

The first impression is the most crucial, and there is no second chance to make a good first impression. We recommend that you greet your new subscribers with a brief onboarding video rather than a generic text-based welcome email to avoid this situation. It’s an opportunity to make a personal connection with a potential customer right immediately and demonstrate the human face behind your company.

Educational videos

It is ideal if you want to explain something to your customers or show them how your tool or platform works. Adding video material to your email will do this. If you want to convey a new concept or display your tools at work, video is the best option because people don’t like reading boring text or seeing overly saturated infographics.

This is precisely what The Futur, an online design university, accomplishes with their video content. In order to promote their videos and stay in touch with their audience, they send out emails to their subscribers. Users can watch their most recent video and learn more about visual communication after clicking on the CTA button on the CTA button.

Video series

Tease and pique the attention of your viewers by releasing original video material in little chunks over a period of time. More often checking emails from your brand will become a habit for your customers. Additionally, it aids in the development of anticipation and the creation of long-term engagement. Integrate similar items or features into each episode, allowing your users to become more familiar with your product over time.


To make your emails more humorous and down to earth, avoid using large movies and instead use animated GIFs to spice things up. Just make sure that the format you choose is consistent with the overall style and tone of your company. If you’re speaking to kids, millennials, or just a diverse, open-minded audience, animated GIFs are a terrific tool. They breathe life and animation into the text by incorporating animation into the paragraphs of text.

Announcement videos

It’s always preferable to convey news in person, whether it’s good or terrible. Video announcements help by strengthening the bond between your brand and your customers. Because there is something lovely in the faults of self-recorded movies, you can utilize your limited budget to your favor — announcements will appear even more trustworthy as a result of your efforts.

Promotional videos

Creating this form of video content is one of the foundations of the eCommerce industry. People want to know exactly what they are purchasing. And it is your responsibility to present your product in its best light.

Makeup retailer Sephora employs video material to educate their audience on the current makeup trends. They also encourage people to purchase and experiment with their new items with confidence.

Behind-the-scenes videos

There’s something beautiful about peering behind the curtain and witnessing people develop something you’re enthusiastic about. Give your customers the opportunity to be impressed by demonstrating how their favorite product is manufactured.

For digital products, show your users what goes on at your office and what members of your team are up to on social media. The underlying concept is the same: by putting your viewers in contact with your company, you will boost their emotional involvement and brand loyalty.


In lieu of generic, faceless evaluations, ask your customers to record brief testimonials. You’ll be astonished at how many individuals enjoy being acknowledged and are willing to assist others when asked. You can utilize these movies as short case studies and distribute them to your prospects.

Entertaining videos

Isn’t it true that not everything is about sales and products? Sometimes all your leads and customers want to do is relax, absorb the moment, and enjoy life to the fullest. Sending them amusing video emails that are tied to a specific occasion will help to support and spread the good vibes.

In Conclusion

You should be mindful of the fact that some of your subscribers may be visually or audibly impaired. In addition, some users may be experiencing problems with their internet connection or with a faulty pair of headphones. You don’t want to leave them feeling frustrated, so always provide them with an other solution. If you have a bilingual audience, make sure to include a description for each video. And make sure subtitles are available for each video.

Video email marketing is entertaining, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started. Just make sure that the lighting is good enough and that the space is silent before beginning to record basic welcome videos or testimonials in your office setting.