How To Extract Emails For Cold Emailing

What is Cold Email

A cold email is an unsolicited e-mail that is sent without any prior contact or notice and without intention of spam. It is also regarded as the equivalent of cold calling in email form. Cold emailing is a form of email marketing and it is different from regular, transactional and warm emailing.

How to Write Cold Email

Here are some of the proven ways to write a cold email.

Step 1: Edit the “from” line

It may come to you as a surprise that editing the “from” line is written as a separate step in this section. It simply shows the message recipients who exactly sent them the email. it is a part that fuly affects their first impression. What follows is that they would decide whether they open the message and read it or whether they would put it in the trash and forget about it.

Step 2: Write a very intriguing subject line

The second step here is to write a very captivating subject line. A cold email subject line could be seen as the key that opens the door to our message. Our prospects form their first impression of us while they are reading the subject line.

A cold email subject line could be seen as the key that unlocks the door to our message. Our prospective clients would form their first impression of us while the are reading the subject line.

Step 3: Propose some value in your pitch

Here comes the part where you would tell the message receiver what you want from them, or in other words, the so-called business pitch.

Step 4: End your cold email with a call-to-action

At this point, you are almost done. You just need to write a call to action (CTA) that would convince your prospects to do what you ultimately want them to do with your cold email.  Anything you’re ready to take care of. Any action you want them to perform in the end. Keep it simple and straightforward.

Step 5: Polish your cold email signature

And here we come to the last but not least, the often and widely ignored signature. The signature is a fully-fledged part of our message and we cannot afford to ignore it. It should tell our addressee who we are and where they can find more information about us and/or about our company.

Is Cold Emailing Effective?

There is no specific answer to this because there are bad cold email and good cold email and this is what determines if your Cold email would be effective . While bad cold email annoys and frustrates the reader and make them trash the email before getting your CTA a good cold email can add value and, eventually, get the reader to follow up with your CTA and generate revenue.

Effective cold email’s shares several characteristics an some of them are: 

1. They are based on data-driven consumer research.

2. They are Tailored to recipients.

3. They are focused on delivering value to the user.

As a supplement to several inbound methods, cold email supports highly targeted account-based marketing campaigns that can also help scale growth with larger efforts that depend on automation. 

Extracting Email Addresses For Cold Emailing

This is a simple task. Simple visit

  1. If you want to extract yahoo email addresses with the name Sam on Facebook. Type: Sam on google search.
  2. If you wish to extract say gmail addresses from, simple type: Linda
  3. Location can be used in place of names such as: New York


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