Authors Essential Questions


Many of us dream of becoming an author someday, but when our fantasies now turn into reality, it is possible we may get stuck. How are we going to find and reach our audiences so that people can discover and buy our books? Even if you have only just started daydreaming about your book, now is the right time for you to start thinking about marketing.

We are trying to work on and still working with the first-time authors and best-selling authors for some time now, and we have found that there are so many great ways for you to reach readers. To know which of these strategies and tools are best for you, I invite you to give answers to these two questions.

Why Do You Want To Market Your Book?

For you to determine the best way to market your book, the thing is to first figure out the “why” of your book. You would have probably heard this before, and you might even possibly have a knee-jerk answer, but I can not stress enough how important this question is. I have noticed that authors tend to spend so much time thinking about the reason why they want to write a book, but not a lot of time on the reason why they want to market it — and these are two very different things. For you discovering why you are marketing your book can be a good support for you in creating a marketing strategy that will get you where you ultimately want to go.

Are you just marketing your book because you are aiming to be a recognized author with more books in your future? Or do you want to simply establish yourself as an expert? By asking yourself all these questions, you will have a better idea of the best way for you to market your book.

Now you might be wondering, “What if what i want is to just focus on my expertise, why does a book launch matter?” Well, anytime that you are approaching the media, there are just two main questions for you to answer: Why should the media care? And why should they start caring now? Your expertise answers the first question, and then the book launch answers the second question.

What Do You Like To Do?

Now that you are clear about where you are heading to, let us work on the specifics. Whether you are boosting your profile as an expert or you are promoting one book, you need to start with social media. We always tell our clients, choose the one social networking platform that you are enjoying most, and then work on that. Do you like to take that great photos? Fantastic. Zoom in on the Instagram. Do you enjoy it when you talk to strangers? Clubhouse is your place. Do you have passion or you love to pen a pithy headline? You will be great on the Twitter.
You need discover where are really good at, then make it your focal point and develop more in that area. Discover where you are good at and hold on to that social media platform.


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