5 Effective LinkedIn Marketing Techniques

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According to statistics, a single digital advertisement on LinkedIn can reach up to 14% of the world’s total population. That means that by pursuing LinkedIn Marketing, you can establish a robust platform for your brand to connect with B2B prospects, customers, and new job appointments.

As a result, there is no reason to despair if your brand is not quite living up to its full potential. Perhaps all you require is a platform for modern marketing solutions?

And to prepare you for that, we’ve prepared an entire guide for you!

  • Identify a LinkedIn Page versus a LinkedIn Profile
  • Set hashtag strategy
  • Feature your best work
  • Use images and videos to engage more
  • Use Open Profile
  1. Identify a LinkedIn Page versus a LinkedIn Profile

A LinkedIn Page is required if you want your connections to see your business content instantly. If you are an individual service consultant or have a more distinguished business approach, a LinkedIn Profile is best.

  1. Set hashtag strategy

Using hashtags is the best way to leech into different industries and their audiences. This is due to the “LinkedIn algorithm”. It shows your ad to people who use certain hashtags. If their hashtags match yours, they’ll see your latest ads or posts on their timeline.

  1. Feature your best work

Use LinkedIn’s advanced targeting to reach your target market. Gain followers by actively promoting relevant content and tracking conversions to see how many leads you generate.

  1. Use images and videos to engage more

Short and long videos with subtitles generate 24x more engagement than videos without subtitles. Image collages in a LinkedIn post can help to highlight your brand’s unique selling points.

  1. Use Open Profile

Did you know you could message strangers or businesses? You can join the Open Profile network by simply having a premium LinkedIn account.

How You Can Set Up A LinkedIn Profile

Most people have a LinkedIn profile now, but if you don’t, here’s how to create one.

  1. Make your LinkedIn Public Profile URL look neat and subtle.
  2. Make your LinkedIn profile/page look good by showcasing your interests and brand.
  3. Sort your LinkedIn profile/page to highlight key information.
  4. Optimize your LinkedIn profile/page for keyword search
  5. Create a ProFinder Badge to connect with project managers.
  6. Boost traffic with portfolio links and social media
  7. Check updates frequently to keep up with customers, connections, and competitors
  8. Enable all public profile settings.
  9. Pick the best design for your LinkedIn Page/Profile.
  10. Use interactive polls to engage your community

In Conclusion

So, are you ready to begin?

Put your brand out there and begin building strong connections on LinkedIn; join groups, share quality content, and stay connected with your entire community to progress seamlessly with the premium LinkedIn Marketing Platform.