5 Ways To Use Artificial Intelligence To Boost Your Marketing

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Table of Contents

  • Give your customers what they want
  • Upgrade the old-fashioned phone call
  • Allow the copy to write itself
  • Keep clients happy and satisfied
  • Make use of Personalized Emails
  1. Give your customers what they want

Tools like Helixa analyze online data to identify your target audience’s needs and desires. To show the most relevant content on your site or even push notifications, AI tools can analyze each data point.

  1. Upgrade the old-fashioned phone call

In a B2B company, sales and marketing must be seamless. If you can match inbound calls with marketing campaigns, an AI engine can help you increase conversion rates.

Pega recently acquired CallRail and HubSpot Sales Hub. Customer interactions are captured, summarized and analyzed by AI-powered call tracking and analytics. Budgeting and lead generation strategies can help.

  1. It Can Write for You Automatically

Automatic editing and proofreading are possible with artificial intelligence. All software vendors make an effort to assist writers by including smart proofreading features in their tools. These features detect and correct grammar and spelling errors. Advanced AIs, such as Microsoft Word (and other word processing programs), highlight spelling errors, the Editor feature in Microsoft Word has a better understanding of context, it can recognize writing nuances, and it flags overused and complex words.

  1. Keep clients happy

Not only is gaining new customers essential, but so is maintaining existing ones. This can help you reduce attrition and upsell. In addition to banks, other industries could greatly benefit from this information. A 5% increase in customer retention can increase revenue by up to 95%!

Tools like Shimoku and Vidora collect data, build predictive models, and monitor client churn in real time. Then just re-engage them.

However, marketing AI is still a new journey for organizations, especially in B2B. Use these tactics to engage clients and keep them trusting.

  1. Make use of Personalized Emails

It’s time to optimize the king of B2B channels: email. Sending personalized emails to each customer is difficult even with smart segmentation. In the meantime, having robots curate your content can make a marketer’s life much easier.

These tools use natural language processing to improve your message’s subject line and headline. Personalizing emails with hyper-contextual content increased click-through rate by 31%. 56,000 additional clicks per email campaign.