How to Improve Your Automated Marketing Emails

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Here are five ways to care for your automated campaigns so they best serve your prospects, customers, and bottom line:

  • Performance Reviews
  • Design & Messaging Refreshes
  • Automation Inventory
  • Quality Assurance Checks
  • Testing & Optimization

Performance Reviews

Some of the bottom-of-the-funnel metrics may not be applicable to your business or automation goals. You may also want to track some other metrics.

Regularly checking these metrics can reveal major issues. If your welcome email send rate drops to zero, the trigger for that email has likely failed. If your double opt-in confirmation request email has no clicks, you may have a broken confirmation link or failed to record the confirmation.

Design & Messaging Refreshes

Every time your brand updates or modifies its website or mobile app, you should review the design and messaging in your triggered emails. And, of course, whenever your broadcast email templates change, so should your triggered campaigns.

Using partials and modular email architecture makes it easier to maintain brand consistency.

Automation Inventory

In order to manage your automations, you must first identify them, their triggers and their goals. Maintaining an inventory also aids in identifying automation gaps.

Quality Assurance Checks

The email inbox isn’t static. Mailbox providers routinely change code support and rendering without notice. No static website, mobile app, or other landing pages. Many things change, including URLs and new pages. Your image library and other assets are also constantly changing. So, make sure you carry out quality assurance check always.

Testing & Optimization

Sadly, automated campaigns are far less tested than broadcast campaigns. The fact that automations outperform A/B tests means that even a small percentage increase in performance can lead to big absolute gains.

Consider A/B testing subject lines, hero images, and CTAs, but also:

  • You can use “YourBrand Cart Reminder” or “YourBrand Receipt” to emphasize the email’s importance.
  • Adding emails to a single automated campaign
  • Testing the spacing between emails in a series or using the natural rate of return to inform when to send a cart abandonment email