5 Expert Ways to Increase Your eCommerce Customer Service

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Your customers are one of your most important assets. You’d be out of business without them. Customer service can make or ruin a brand. If the buying process is excessively complex, 74% of people will switch brands.

And 51% of customers will never do business with a company again after one bad experience.

Excellent customer service creates client loyalty and sales, not because it’s expected.

If you make your customers feel valued, they’ll spend more, recommend you and buy more. To receive exceptional customer service, Millennials are willing to pay the most (21% more!).

As a result, your brand’s client loyalty will rise.

1. Prepare Before You Begin To Help

Take stock of what you’re doing and the opportunities you’re missing before investing in new technologies and changing your eCommerce customer service.

The first step is to make oneself available on every internet platform where your consumers are. Update your social media and website contact information.

It’s time to do a SWOT analysis on your customer service after covering the essentials. One of the most useful tools for improving customer service is a SWOT analysis.

2. Build a Responsive FAQ Page

For clients who want quick answers or don’t want to wait for a customer care rep, a FAQ page is a great resource.

Because they alleviate purchasing anxiety, address consumer concerns and exhibit brand trustworthiness, FAQs assist to increase customer loyalty.

3. Push Real-Time Resolution with Live Chat

Providing clients with email isn’t enough as an eCommerce store. Customers demand live chat in eCommerce customer care now.

Probably due to the speed and conversational nature of live chat, Consumer Think discovered that live chat has greater customer satisfaction scores than other help channels.

The average wait time for live chat is 45 seconds.

4. Improve Your Response Time

Customers will leave with a foul taste in their mouth no matter how well optimized your eCommerce customer service is.

You are not alone in your struggle to provide speedier responses. Customer service emails are ignored by 62% of organizations. After 12 hours and 10 minutes, they respond. However, 88% of customers want a response within 60 minutes after sending an email.

5. Social Media Customer Support

Next to live chat is using social media to extend eCommerce customer support. This trend will continue as more people turn to social media for business assistance.

Customers have used social media to contact brands for customer support. Because of this, 42% of buyers expect a social media reaction within 60 minutes.

Automatic or rapid responses are now possible on Facebook and Instagram. Quickly respond to clients’ questions and concerns with instant replies.


Customer service in eCommerce should be regarded seriously. Customers want you to deliver top-notch online support.

Investing in your brand shows it is worthwhile. It builds client loyalty. Most desired marketing and branding factor for eCommerce stores.

It’s important to be consistent once you’ve acquired the correct strategies and tools. Reviews and online mentions help to recruit new customers.