How to Get Online Reviews for Your Business

Likely, you’re wondering how to get online reviews for your company. It’s actually quite simple.

1. Do Good Work

Take customer feedback and reviews seriously to improve your service. Don’t forget to leave hints before you leave a client. Ask them how they heard about you to start a conversation. Mention how much business you get from online reviews and referrals. Consider a window sign or an email signature link to your page. Sow subliminal seeds ahead of time to ease review requests.

2. Identify Your Best Candidates

Regarding reviews, keep in mind two points. First, you’re asking a former employee to write a review of your company. Second, be selective in who you approach for a glowing review. Strive to focus on those who not only liked you but also recently interacted with you enough to remember your name.

Recognize that when you ask someone to write a review for you, you’re asking them to risk their own credibility and reputation. Don’t take that lightly.

Likewise, if you truly want to improve your business, you should ask even your worst customers for feedback. Ask in a private email, but be honest. Take their advice to heart and use it to improve your business. Not every client is a review candidate, but every client can provide valuable feedback.

3. Ask at the Right Time

Some of you may be in transactional businesses like salons, spas, or auto repair. You can ask for a review more casually because you will see the customer soon. The presence of review stickers also helps.

Businesses with longer sales cycles, like real estate, mortgage, and insurance, will need to be more strategic about getting online reviews. Ask for a review after a transaction has been completed, but before too much time has passed and their memory of the interaction becomes hazy. You want reviewers who are still thinking about their experience, so ask for reviews within a few weeks.

4. Be Specific and Simple

“Please write a review for me” isn’t enough. You need to know what you want and make the process as easy as possible.

And, just like the movers, a real estate agent or loan officer should have a plan for getting reviews after a sale.

Let your request for reviews be simple, clear, and concise. This is also a positive client interaction. These elements all contribute to a glowing review.

5. Re-ask

So, what? People are busy and forgetful. You’ll need a very patience attitude to learn how to get online reviews. Don’t take it personally if someone says they’ll write a review but doesn’t. Just make sure you remind them after a period of time.

6. Say Thank You

When someone writes a review for your business, they risk their own reputation in front of the public and their friends who may read their reviews.

Thank them publicly for their business. Then call them. Remember, just because the business is over, doesn’t mean the relationship ends. That connection is worth its weight in gold.

7. Assess, Tweak, and Repeat

Ultimately, you should keep track of your approach as you begin. A Google or Excel spreadsheet might help. Keep track of the transaction date and the success rate of reviewers. Then make it a part of every deal you close. Habits are formed by repetition.