9 Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

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It’s no secret that Facebook is the world’s largest social network. So much so that it could be a country! But it’s not always evident how to use Facebook to enhance engagement. We’ll show you the top nine Facebook algorithm hacks to boost your engagement and grow your business.

The latest Facebook upgrade has once again altered the social media game. Businesses who once relied only on visibility in their followers’ news feeds now struggle to get any exposure at all. Facebook now prioritizes engagement above content when determining how many followers see a business page post in their news feed.

This algorithm update is prompting entrepreneurs and business owners to think of new tactics to increase interaction and news feed exposure.

Has your Facebook business page’s reach and views decreased? Do you want more engagement with your posts?

If so, start being more strategic with your postings and constantly aim for likes, shares, and most importantly, comments.

9 Facebook Engagement Strategies:

1) Follow Up

Reply to a Popular Post. Examine your Facebook audience insights and look for posts that have received a lot of engagement. Note the topic of the post and produce a new post on the same subject.

2) Timing is Key

A delicious post while no one is online is useless. Use Facebook Insights to see when your audience is online to make the most of your content.

Many users are active after work, but not always. Your Insights will tell you when to post for your specific business.

You want to post when you have the most viewers.

3) Power Up with Pictures

Posting a catchy image works. Always consider how your post can make a visual tale. Quickly snap and upload a photo with your phone’s camera.

Creating short videos to keep your audience engaged and connected has never been easier! Creating graphics and videos with Movavi Multi Media Tools is easy and entertaining!

Always consider how you might visually engage your audience and offer questions that spark debate.

4) Use Facebook Live Video

Video provides your fans a sense of intimacy. Set a regular schedule for Facebook Live events.

Weekly tips Offer live Q&A. Set up live tutorials. Or post footage of your vacations and events.

5) Generate Anticipation

Tease your viewers about intriguing future posts. Help them generate a thirst and curiosity for your posts.

6) Keep the Talk Going

Follow up on comments and do your best to keep the dialogue going. Personalize your responses to demonstrate you care. Deepen the debate with questions

7) Be genuine

They feel closer to you when you fully open yourself to them. Be open. Your warts. Admit your errors. Join them. Make your tribe feel like a member of your family.

8) Create Content that Resonates

It’s critical to write content that resonate with your targeted audience. Pay heed to your audience’s questions.

Follow great influencers to learn from their expertise. Examine Amazon’s best-selling books in your field. Ask your audience what their biggest concerns are regarding your topic.

9) Produce Viral Content

Memes, gifs, and shareable posts all have one thing in common: they are either hilarious, instructive, cute, powerful, thought provoking, or emotive.